What Are the Best 10 Cigarette Brands in Pakistan?

Best Cigarette Brands in Pakistan


Pakistan is not just a land of rich culture, delectable food, and lively people. Rather, it is also a smoker’s paradise with a wide variety of cigarette brands in Pakistan available for all needs and tastes. from cheap options to luxury smokes, you have all types of cigarettes in all cigarette sizes available. Just sample the numbers and you will realize what I mean. 

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Cigarette Brands in Pakistan: Stats

Speaking of tobacco use in Pakistan, the numbers speak for themselves.

Total Tobacco Users (2015):

Smoked Tobacco Users 23 million
Smokeless Tobacco Users 1 million

Adult Tobacco Use Prevalence (2015):

Overall 19.1%
Men 31.8%
Women 5.8%

Cigarette Smoking Prevalence (2015):

Men 15.2%
Women 1.4%

Youth Tobacco Use (2019):

Overall 5%
Boys 8.6%
Girls 1.9%

Youth Cigarette Smoking (2019):

Overall 3%
Boys 5.3%
Girls 0.6%

Data Courtesy: World Health Organization 

Projected Cigarettes Market Revenue in Pakistan (2024):

Total Revenue US$1.8 billion
Annual Growth Rate (CAGR 2024-2028) 6.94%

Average Revenue Per Person in the Cigarettes Market (2024):

Estimated US$9.73

Projected Volume of Cigarettes Market (2028):

Total Volume 53.1 billion pieces
Average Volume Per Person (2024) 284.7 pieces

Data Courtesy: STATISTA 

All is not that bad for Pakistan, given that the tobacco use prevalence has gone down from 23.6% in 2015 to 20.2% in 2020. This will lessen the tobacco burden in Pakistan.

Tobacco Burden in Pakistan:

Tobacco-Related Deaths in Pakistan (2017) Total Deaths: 163,360
Initiation of Smoking Age 2 in 5 starts before the age of 10 (GTY Survey, 2003)
Secondhand Smoke Exposure (2012-13) 39% of households (PD&H Survey)
Annual Deaths Due to Tobacco 160,100 deaths (Tobacco Atlas)
Economic Cost of Smoking in Pakistan Rs.143 billion annually

What Are the Top 10 Cigarette Brands Pakistan?

Several domestic and international cigarette brands Pakistan compete for 23 million smokers’ attention. So, the everyday Pakistani smoker has a lot to choose from. Let’s narrow down your options with a detailed list of the best cigarette brands in Pakistan. We looked into the brands’ popularity, availability, price, and all factors that matter to curate the list. Regardless of your taste or budget, we have you covered. 

Cigarette Brand Pakistan

Market share


Capstan 18% Pakistan Tobacco Company
Gold Leaf 10% Pakistan Tobacco Company
Morven Gold 9.8% Phillips Morris International
Red & White 7% Lakson Tobacco Company
K2 5% Pakistan Tobacco Company
Gold Flake 3% Pakistan Tobacco Company
Marlboro 2.5% Phillips Morris International
Dunhill  2% British American Tobacco
Embassy 2% Pakistan Tobacco Company
Benson & Hedges 2% Pakistan Tobacco Company

1. Capstan:

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

When W.D. & H.O. Wills launched Capstan in 1894, the world took notice of it. Though its popularity waned internationally with time, Pakistan’s love for the brand continues to grow. With a sizeable market share of around 18%, it is undisputably the best cigarette brand in Pakistan. Produced by Pakistan Tobacco Company, a part of British American Tobacco, Capstan is a ‘sub-economy’ cigarette brand with a reputation for smooth and strong flavor. It is widely popular among youth and smokers in middle and lower-income groups. Capstan’s strong distribution network, availability in various sizes and flavors, lucrative consumer schemes, and sponsorships keep it significant.

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  • Capstan Cigarette Price in Pakistan: PKR 75

2. Gold Leaf:

Gold Leaf’s market share of about 10% makes it the second best-selling cigarette brand Pakistan, just behind Capstan. Manufactured by Pakistan Tobacco Company, Gold Leaf is an ‘economy’ brand. Unlike expensive brands, such as Marlboro and Dunhill, it caters to price-conscious smokers who love the full-bodied taste and a strong nicotine hit. You might come across Gold Leaf Light and Gold Leaf Menthol variants for variety’s sake.

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  • Gold Leaf Cigarette Price in Pakistan: PKR 140

3. Morven Gold:

Morven Gold comes across as one of the top cigarette brands in Pakistan with a market share of 9.8% as of 2020. Produced by Lakson Tobacco Company, a subsidiary of Philip Morris International, the cigarette brand made its way into Pakistan in 1985. Pakistani smokers were quick to develop a liking for its bold flavors and full-bodied smoking experience. If Morven Gold’s taste fails to impress you, its distinctive chevron logo and its slogan “The Rhythm of Unity” will. The cigarette is woven into the country’s fabric. 

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  • Morven Gold Price in Pakistan: PKR 230

4. Red & White

Another value-for-money brand makes it to the list of best cigarette brands in Pakistan with a market share of around 5-7%. Owned by Philip Morris International, Red & White’s manufacturing and distribution rights rest with Lakson Tobacco Company in Pakistan. The cigarette brand’s low-cost positioning drives its popularity among youth and low-income consumers. It is available in both filterless and with-filter options.

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  • Red & White Price in Pakistan: PKR 40 onwards

5. K2

Despite the onslaught of international cigarette brands in Pakistan, K2 continues to command a market share of about 5%. Pakistani smokers have been hooked to K2’s strong and direct smoking experience, low costs, and ‘made in KPK’ branding. Priced at Rs. 40, they are one of Pakistan’s most economical smokes targeted towards youth, first-time smokers, and low-income groups. Plus, it is easily available everywhere. 

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  • K2 Cigarette Price in Pakistan: PKR 40

6. Gold Flake

The Indian subcontinent has taken a liking for Gold Flake. Gold Flake is hands down the market leader in India, its Pakistani version is also popular enough to command about 3% market share. Think of it as a sub-premium cigarette brand known for its strong and consistent flavor, thanks to bright, rich golden tobacco. Pakistan Tobacco Company, a subsidiary of British American Tobacco, produces and markets the brand in Pakistan. Click for all ITC Cigarette Brands.

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  • Gold Flake Price in Pakistan: PKR 70 & above

7. Marlboro:

Even if you aren’t a smoker, chances are you’ve heard of Marlboro. It is the world’s leading cigarette brand known for its distinct taste and flavor. Just light one up, and let the smoothness and richness of Marlboro’s tobacco flabbergast you. Not just the taste, even its red and white packaging is iconic. Produced by Philip Morris International, the cigarette brand is available in multiple flavors, including menthol and regular.

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  • Marlboro Cigarettes Price in Pakistan: PKR 534

8. Dunhill

If your taste goes beyond the ordinary, then Dunhill is for you. Its market share hovers around 2-3%, but it is one of the best cigarette brands Pakistan. Its meticulous blend of top-notch tobacco creates a rich and smooth flavor that goes well with smokers who appreciate the finer things in life. Owned by British American Tobacco, Dunhill comes in a stunning variety to satisfy every taste and preference. Given its high price and heritage of craftsmanship, it is one of the globally acclaimed luxury cigarette brands.

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  • Dunhill Cigarette Price in Pakistan: PKR 590 – 650 

9. Embassy:  

Speaking of the top 10 cigarette brands Pakistan, Embassy claims to be one with a small but niche market share of 2%. British American Tobacco owns the brand while Pakistan Tobacco Company takes care of the production and distribution in Pakistan. Dubbed as the go-to brand for hard-working, budget-conscious Pakistani smokers, Embassy delivers a consistent and powerful experience at an affordable price. 

  • Embassy Cigarette Price in Pakistan: PKR 40

10. Benson & Hedges

Make way for Benson &Hedges, one of the top female cigarette brands in Pakistan. It’s not targeted toward female smokers but the Pakistani ladies have been puffing away on them for years now. The cigarette brand stands out for its remarkable blend, great flavor profile, and smooth draw. Even though Benson &Hedges enjoys 2% of the market share, it is one of the fastest-growing aspirational brands. You can find it in regular and light variants at clubs, bars, duty-free shops, and exclusive retailers nationwide.  

  • Benson & Hedges Price in Pakistan: PKR 260

Best 10 Cigarette Brands in Pakistan: Takeaways 

With local and international brands available, Pakistan offers a mind-blowing variety to its 23 million smokers. From premium brands, such as Marlboro and Benson & Hedges to affordable options like Gold Leaf and Capstan, there is something for every taste and budget. Whether you prefer a strong flavor or a more sophisticated smoking experience, our list of the best cigarette brands in Pakistan has got you covered.

That said, cigarettes are a health risk leaving you prone to heart issues, cancers, and even untimely death. It is always wise to consider your health before taking up smoking. 

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Top 10 Cigarette Brands in Pakistan: FAQs

1. Which is the best-selling cigarette brand in Pakistan? 

Produced by Pakistan Tobacco Company, Capstan is the best-selling cigarette brand in Pakistan with a market share of 18%.

2. What are the top 10 cigarette brands Pakistan by market share? 

  1. Capstan: 18%
  2. Gold Leaf: 10%
  3. Morven Gold: 9.8%
  4. Red & White: 7%
  5. K2: 5%
  6. Gold Flake: 3%
  7. Marlboro: 2.5%
  8. Dunhill: 2%
  9. Embassy: 2%
  10. Benson & Hedges: 2%

3. What are some prominent imported cigarette brands in Pakistan? 

Pakistan has a fair share of imported cigarette brands, notably Marlboro, Rothmans, Dunhill, Benson & Hedges, Pine, and more.

4. Name a few expensive cigarette brands in Pakistan. 

Dunhill is perhaps the most expensive cigarette brand, followed by Marlboro and Benson & Hedges.

5. What are the best female cigarette brands in Pakistan? 

Some of the top ladies’ cigarette brands in Pakistan include Esse, Vogue, Capri, Mond, and more.

6. Which are the local cigarette brands in Pakistan? 

Pakistan’s local brands include K2, Gold Leaf, Morven Gold, and Gold Flake.

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