The Best Gutka Brands in India: Pick Your Poison

Best Gutka Brands in India


Gutka is everywhere, despite facing bans in several states. Gutka brands in India know how to sneak their products into the grey markets and people’s psyche. Sample the pan masala and gutka market trends, courtesy of Straits Research. 

Revenue (2021) Forecasted Revenue (2030) CAGR 
INR 406,153 Crore INR 608,801 Crore 4.6 percent

What is Gutka?

In three words, a smokeless killer. Packed with tobacco, areca nuts, slaked lime, catechu, paraffin wax, and flavorings, it can cause immediate and long-term conditions, including oral submucous fibrosis and oral cancer. Yet, people use it to enhance their mood, get rid of bad breath, suppress hunger, stay focused, and whatnot. You place it between the gums and cheek and spit once the “flavor” fades. It is reddish-brown, sold in sachets, and cheap. Read More… 

The “Best” Gutka Brands in India: Pick Your Poison

Let’s put together a list of the best gutka brands that everyone’s talking about. Based on online searches and customer feedback across online platforms, our list includes both timeless classics and modern favorites. On the note that these gutka brands kill their best customers, let’s explore. We also get into details of “gutka kaise chhode?”

1. Manikchand (RMD) Gutka:

Manikchand Gutka, sold under the “RMD” brand, is the world’s leading gutka and pan masala brand. It is a blend of “top-notch” ingredients with a unique aroma and flavor.  The Manikchand Group has perfected the recipe after tons of testing and research on what people like. It comes in humidity-proof pouches in different sizes — 1.5 gms, 2 gms, and 3.5 gms for local folks, and 4 gm pouches for those in international markets. Non-tobacco blends like RMD pan masala and RMD Calcutta Meetha are also available. As a side note, RMD full form gutka is Rasiklal Manikchand Dhariwal. 

2. Vimal Gutka:

Vimal is one of the leading gutka brands in India with a loyal customer base. The company claims to use a “special” blend of betel nut, slaked lime, saffron, and tobacco leaves to create smoky and sweet flavors that “leave you craving for more.” Vimal Gutka comes in nicely packed combo packs with some special deals to tempt you into buying it. Vimal has been under fire for using surrogate advertising to promote its gutka products masked as pan masala. The gutka is available across India and internationally in markets like Dubai, Africa, the UK, the USA, and beyond.

3. Shikhar Gutka:

Started in 1994, Shikhar, a Trimurti Fragrances product, quickly gained popularity in Bihar and expanded nationwide within two years. As of now, you can find it everywhere in India, in different sizes (2g, 3g & 4g) and flavors. The Gutka brand exports to the US, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Europe, Thailand, and Africa. Plus, they’ve got other products like pan masala, filter khaini, and e-cigarettes, alongside another gutka brand, Tansen Blues Gutka.

4. 555 Star Gutka:

Make way for 555 Star Gutka, one of the leading Gutka brands in India. It’s a product of Sanjay Ghodawat Group (SGG), a strategically diversified group in high-value industries like Agriculture, Aviation, Consumer Goods, Energy, Education, Food Processing, Mining, Realty, Software, and Textiles. Packed with Betel nuts, Catechu, Tobacco, and more, Star Gutka comes in various sizes. The gutkha brand also offers khaini, zarda, and chewing tobacco raw and processed.

5. Dilbagh Gutka:

Since 1947, Som Fragrances has been the top manufacturer of Gutkha and Pan Masala. Dilbagh is its flagship product that uses generations-old gutka recipes to deliver a “unique” taste of Indian culture. Users praise Dilbagh’s irresistible fragrance, flavor punch, low prices, and excellent packing while ignoring the associated health risks. The company also claims to handpick ingredients and conduct thorough quality tests. With Betel nuts, Cardamom, Lime, and Catechu, it comes in 2g, 4g, and 8g sachets. Besides Dilbagh Gutka, the company offers Dilbagh Plus Premium Gutkha.

6. Amber Gutka:

Since 2012, the trademark, Amber, has been associated with all types of tobacco products, including gutka, chewing tobacco, snuff, quiam, zarda, and pan masala. Marketed as the “perfect blend of flavors and freshness,” Amber Gutka is one of the most searched Gutka brands in India online. It packs a punch with “superior” ingredients, such as betel nut, catechu, lime, and flavorings to delight gutka lovers. The brand is more popular in its native state, Rajasthan.

7. Hans Gutka:

Known for its traditional taste and flavors, Hans Gutka has a small but loyal customer base across India. According to a user, Hans Gutka offers a bolder taste and a stronger kick. You can link that to perfectly blended ingredients like betel nut, catechu, lime, and flavorings. Available only in certain pockets of India, finding it is challenging even online.

8. Tansen Gutka:

With Tansen Blues, Trimurti Fragrances targets the elite crowd. Like Shikhar, Tansen Gutka features Tobacco, Betelnuts, Catechu, Lime, Menthol, Cardamom, and other flavorings. However, Tansen has a lighter kick and flavors compared to Shikhar. It is available in 3gm and 6.6gm sachets for INR 5 and INR 10 respectively.

9. Goa Gutka:

In the 2000s, Goa Gutka was a hot property, endorsed by Sanjay Dutt. Though its market share has dipped lately, it is still one of the best-selling gutka brands in India. For gutka enthusiasts, it’s like an aromatic masterpiece crafted from the finest ingredients with distinct and unforgettable flavors. Goa Gutka owner, J M Joshi was recently sentenced 10-year term for helping fugitive gangster Dawood establish a gutkha-manufacturing unit in Pakistan. Shocking, isn’t it?

10. Sagar Gutka:

Since 1990, Sagar Pan Products Private Limited has been offering gutka, pan masala, and processed & non-processed tobacco. Sweet and savory, Sagar Gutka is a blend of Betel nuts, Cardamom, Lime, Catechu, and more. Gutka fans love its strong kick and lasting “freshness.” Mind you, the taste may deceive, since it’s as risky as any other gutka.

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What Gutka Brands in India Won’t Tell You: Gutka Kaise Chhode?

No gutka brand will tell you how addictive gutka is. Nicotine in tobacco causes dependence, which is hard to get rid of. However, you can kick the gutka habit with the following strategies, based on my personal experience. 

  • Be firm on your decision:

First things first, you have to make a firm decision to quit and stick to it. Toss out all those gutka packets from your surroundings — out of sight, out of mind, right?

  • Figure Out the Triggers

Figure out what makes you reach for gutka. Write down those triggers so you can steer clear of them or find better ways to deal with them. 

  • Quit it once or gradually, it’s your take

Some prefer to go cold turkey and quit gutka all at once. It takes serious willpower, but it’s doable. However, most users like to reduce the intake gradually. Take any course that works for you.

  • Seek Professional Help

Don’t hesitate to seek professional help — counseling and medications can boost your chances of quitting for good. Plus, they will help you manage withdrawal symptoms effectively.  

  • Consider NRT to Handle Withdrawals

Withdrawals are imminent and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) can help you handle them safely. Nicotine gums, lozenges, or patches can be a big help, but ensure consulting your physician to find the right one for you.

  • Keep your mouth busy

Chew on some fennel seeds, cloves, or ginger, or grab a mint-flavored gum to keep your mouth busy when those cravings hit.

  • Stay Hydrated

Sip on water, juices, or herbal teas — it’ll help with that dry mouth and those pesky withdrawal symptoms.

  • Create a Support System: 

Don’t go it alone! Get your friends and family on board to cheer you on and keep you accountable. Joining support groups can be super motivating too.

  • Embrace Healthy Routine: 

Now, be ready for some withdrawal symptoms like irritability or anxiety—it’s normal. Deep breathing, exercise, or meditation can help ease the discomfort. You can even learn a new activity to keep your mind busy.  

  • Final Word

And if you slip up and have a relapse, don’t beat yourself up about it. It happens. Figure out what triggered it, recommit to quitting, and get back on track.

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Wrapping it up, these gutka brands in India continue to attract buyers and criticism. Notwithstanding their popularity, they are contributing to the country’s tobacco burden and resorting to surrogate advertising to lure youngsters into gutka. Whether they tout unique flavors or claim to be top-notch quality, gutka can seriously mess with your health, leading to oral cancer and addiction. Let’s prioritize our well-being and embrace a tobacco-free life.


  • Which is the number 1 Gutka in the world?

From the house of Manikchand Group, Manikchand RMD Gutka is hands down the world’s most-selling and searched online Gutka brand as of 2024. Despite the popularity, it isn’t risk-free.

  • Who is the gutka king of India?

The owner of Goa Gutka, J M Joshi is dubbed the “gutka king” of India. His ability to blend edible perfumery compounds used in gutka and pan masala earned him the moniker.

  • What are the famous names of Gutka?

A few popular gutka brands in India include Manikchand RMD Gutka, Vimal, Shikhar, Goa, and Tansen.

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