The Best Pan Masala Brands: What People Search

Best Pan Masala Brands


A staple in India, pan masala means different things to different people. Some chew it to savor flavors, some to freshen up their breath, and some to digest food. And, they have plenty of choices, thanks to the Indian pan masala brands. 

What is Pan Masala?

Pan masala is a mouth freshener and digestion aid popular among all age groups and occupations across India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and beyond. Packed with areca nut, slaked lime, catechu, and other tasty bits, pan masala refreshes, enhances mood, aids digestion, and even masks smoking and alcohol odors. On the downside, it poses various health risks, notably oral cancer through conditions like oral submucous fibrosis. Read More…

How We Ranked Pan Masala Brands?

Team Wordlywiser tracked the most-searched pan masala brands online. While online searches may not give the entire picture, they help gauge consumer interest and market trends effectively. We analyzed online data to gain valuable insights into brand popularity and consumer preferences, ensuring an accurate and up-to-date ranking. Plus, we considered customer feedback, brand reputation, ingredient quality, flavor, pricing, and availability to curate the list.

Top 10 Pan Masala Brands:

From traditional blends to innovative flavors, our evidence-based list features it all. On the note that pan masala is a health hazard, let’s explore the top 10 most-searched Indian paan masala brands in India.

1. Vimal Pan Masala

  • Online Monthly Searches: 19K 

Endorsed by the likes of Shahrukh Khan, Ajay Devgan, and Akshay Kumar, Vimal is hands down the most popular Pan masala brand. The brand has been around since 1990, owned by Vimal Pan Masala Company. Founded by Dharmani Deni, the company has a manufacturing unit in Sudamapuri, New Delhi, and an annual turnover of INR 25 Crores.  

Vimal offers a whole range of products in all sizes, from King Pack Vimal Pan Masala to Adaab Vimal Ghutka and even Dubai Vimal Gutkha. Their pan masala smells good and tastes great, made with pure ingredients like saffron-infused areca nut, slaked lime, catechu, and spices. But heads up – some of their products do contain tobacco. 

Vimal Pan Masala is widely available in India, starting at just INR 5. It’s also accessible in Dubai, South Africa, and East Africa. The brand uses top-quality packaging materials to ensure the product stays safe during transit.

Vimal Pan Masala Company Details:

  • Owner: Dharmani Deni
  • Annual Turnover: INR 25 Crore
  • Headquarters: New Delhi  
  • Markets: India, The UK, Dubai, South Africa, East Africa

Vimal Pan Masala Prices:

Category Price Category  Price
Vimal Pan Masala Bora Rs. 5 Vimal Pan Masala (Jumbo Pack) Rs.10 
Vimal Pan Masala (King Pack) Rs. 20 Vimal Pan Masala (Big Pack) Rs.50 

2. Rajnigandha Pan Masala

  • Online Monthly Searches: 10K 

Introduced by DS Group in 1983 for the premium market, Rajnigandha Pan Masala continues to be the world’s largest-selling premium brand. A diversified business group with interests in confectionery, real estate, farming, beverages, and more, DS Group also owns Baba and Tulsi pan masala brands. That makes it India’s leading pan masala manufacturer.

Quality is at the core of Rajnigandha. The brand sources the finest ingredients from across India and processes them at state-of-the-art facilities in Guwahati, Noida, and Kundli. Besides standard pan masala ingredients, Rajnigandha uses Sandalwood Oil, Rose Essence, Ruh Kewda, and Cloves. This speaks for their unique, delectable taste and aroma.

Rajnigandha is completely tobacco and nicotine-free, making it a guilt-free indulgence for paan lovers. However, serious side effects cannot be ruled out. Thanks to its extensive distribution network and efficient agents, dealers, and retailers, it’s readily available nationwide. Costly though, you can find it in various sizes and flavors to fit your needs.

Pan Masala Types by Rajnigandha:

Rajnigandha Pan Masala  Silver Pearls  Rajnigandha Meetha
Clove Pan Masala  Rajnigandha Saffron

Rajnigandha Pan Masala Prices:

Tin Can: INR 350 King Size: INR 70 Medium: INR 19 Sachet: INR 10 Mini Sachet: INR 5

3. Dilbagh Siggnature

  • Online Monthly Searches: 4.2K 

Since 1943, Dilbagh Group has been one of the leading pan-masala brands with a loyal customer base. Siggnature is the latest addition to Dilbagh’s lineup, known for superior quality and exquisite taste. Every aspect, from ingredients to packaging, undergoes rigorous quality checks. Automated machines inspect the final product, followed by human testers to uphold quality. While Siggnature is cut above the rest, it can have some serious side effects. 

Dilbagh combines 30+ herbs, spices, nuts, and other ingredients to craft Siggnature’s signature taste. Their packaging meets international standards for food safety and sustainability, ensuring your pan masala arrives fresh and aromatic. While Siggnature is tobacco-free, many of Dilbagh’s other products have it. So, read the ingredients before buying.

Dilbagh Pan Masala Variants:

Siggnature Talab (Saffron) Talab (Plain) Dilbagh Plus Dilbagh Royal 

4. RMD Pan Masala

  • Online Monthly Searches: 3.7K 

Manikchand’s RMD Pan Masala results from time-honored recipes cherished by generations. RMD blends feature cardamom, saffron, sandal oil, betel nut, catechu, and pure natural perfumes to leave a lasting taste and refreshing sensation. While RMD Pan Masala and RMD Calcutta Meetha are tobacco-free, other blends contain it, beware.

Dhariwal Industries Ltd., a division of the Manikchand Group responsible for manufacturing RMD Pan Masala, made waves by introducing Jarda in food-grade poly packs in 1959. In 1991, it introduced premium Pan Masala, which took the market by storm, captivating taste buds in 50 countries, including the US, Gulf countries, and Africa. 

With a brand philosophy, “Oonche Log, Oonchi Pasand,” RMD has world-class manufacturing facilities in Vadodara and Bangalore. The brand achieved the Star Export Award and Certificate of Excellence award for two years on the trot and 100% EOU. RMD pan masala comes in efficiently-packed 2 gms & 3.5 gms pouches, 20 gm zipper, and 100 gm tin. 

RMD Pan Masala Variants:  

Tin: 100 grams Zipper: 20 grams Pouches: 2 & 3.5g grams

5. Rajshree Pan Masala

  • Online Monthly Searches: 3.1K 

Rajshree Pan Masala’s monthly volume of 3.1K (as of February 2024) places it fifth on the most searched pan masala brands list. Alongside standard pan masala ingredients, Rajshree comes with lime and sandal oil for a refreshing taste that lingers on. Burst onto the scene in the late 90s, the maker of Kamla Pasand Pan Masala currently owns the Pan Masala brand. Available in multiple size options, Rajshree pan masala is devoid of tobacco.

Rajshree Pan Masala Variants & Prices:

Sachet: INR 10 Mini Sachet: INR 5 Large Sachet: INR 20

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6. Shikhar Pan Masala

  • Online Monthly Searches: 2.2K 

Like most pan masala brands, Shikhar, a product of Trimurti Fragrances, started small in 1994. However, within two years, it became a household name in Bihar and later across India. As of 2024, Shikhar Pan Masala is available in the US, the Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Europe, Thailand, and Africa. Domestically, the brand is available in India’s every nook and cranny in various sizes and flavors. Other Shikhar products include Gutkha and Filter Khaini.

Shikhar Pan Masala Variants & Prices:

Mini Sachet: INR 5 Sachet: INR 10 Maharaja Pack: INR 20 Big Pack: INR 50

7. Tansen Pan Masala

  • Online Monthly Searches: 1.9K 

Another product from the house of Trimurti Fragrances, Tansen Pan Masala has a decent search volume of 1.9K a month. While Shikhar serves the masses, Tansen caters to the elite. It’s a flavored pan masala featuring Betel nuts, Catechu, Cardamom, Lime, and Menthol. The essences mask the strong herbal notes and make it ideal for new users. However, I advise avoiding it due to the addictive nature and health risks associated with betel nuts.

Tansen Pan Masala Variants:

Mini Sachet: 3gm Sachet: 6.6gm Tin Can: 100gm 

8. Kamla Pasand Pan Masala

  • Online Monthly Searches: 1.8K

From a pan shop in Kanpur to one of the best Indian pan masala brands, Kamla Pasand has come a long way. Founded in 1965 by Kamla Kant Chaurasia, Kamla Pasand offers a range of pan masala for all tastes. Pan masala fans love Kamla Pasand’s tantalizing taste and traditional flavors carefully crafted from superior ingredients. These include Betel Nuts, Catechu, Cardamom, Lime, Menthol, and multiple flavors. Pan masalas with tobacco are also available. 

Kamla Pasand Pan Masala Variants:

Kamla Pasand Pan Masala (Sachet & Tin Can) KP Gold Dust (Tin Can) KP Blue Saphire (Tin Can)

9. Mastaba Pan Masala

  • Online Monthly Searches: 1.5K

Another popular product from the makers of Rajnigandha, Mastaba Pan Masala is like a flavor explosion. With its blend of betelnut, catechu, lime, and cardamom seeds, it brings a unique burst of flavor and fragrance that’s invigorating and revitalizing. While Rajnigandha targets the elites, Mastaba sits in the semi-premium segment. It is for those who want a “quality” product at an affordable price. Even though it does not contain tobacco, beware of potential health risks.

Mastaba Pan Masala Variants:

Mini Sachet (2gm): INR 5 Sachet (5 gm): INR 10

10. Raj Niwas Pan Masala

  • Online Monthly Searches: 1.2K

A product from Tej Ram Dharam Paul (TRDP), Raj Niwas is one of the top pan masala brands in the premium segment. Alongside Betelnut, Elaichi, and Katha, Raj Niwas packs a punch with Kewda, Sandalwood oil, Rose, and other essential oils to create a rich taste and luxurious essence. The handpicked ingredients blend with efficient processing methods to offer a delightful and aromatic indulgence for pan masala enthusiasts. However, indulgence comes with health risks. 

Raj Niwas Pan Masala Variants:

Mini Sachet (2gm): INR 5 Sachet (5 gm): INR 10


Thanks to the top pan masala brands, we have a pan masala for every need, taste, and budget. From traditional blends to innovative recipes, these brands deliver a satisfying and refreshing experience. Whether it’s for a quick refreshment or a flavorful indulgence, these brands continue to delight pan masala enthusiasts in India and beyond. Widely used as a mouth freshener and digestion aid, pan masala can be a health hazard. It’s wise to refrain from it.

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  • Which pan masala is best?

Ranjnigandha is perhaps the best pan masala brand, known for its unique refreshing, and lasting taste.

  • Which company makes pan masala?

Thanks to the growing pan-masala market, pan-masala companies have cropped up like mushrooms. However, the leading companies include Vimal Pan Masala Company, DS Group, Dilbagh Group, Manikchand, Trimurti Fragrances, and Tej Ram Dharam Paul.

  • Which pan masala is costly?

Rajnigandha, Raj Niwas, and Dilbagh Siggnature are the costliest pan masala brands.

  • Who owns Vimal Pan Masala?

Vimal Pan Masala’s ownership rests with the founder, Dharmani Deni.

  • Which pan masala is good for health

 None. Virtually every pan masala comes with areca nuts, slaked lime, and other harmful ingredients. 

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