Best Lighter Brands: A Definitive Guide 


Worldlywiser explores the best lighter brands that have set benchmarks in function, design, aesthetics, and overall quality. From timeless classics to contemporary hi-tech options, there is something for all tastes, budgets, and requirements.

The 2022 World Health Organization study puts smoking-related deaths globally at 8 million annually, including 1.3 million from second-hand smoke exposure. Despite that, cigarettes are one of the most consumed commodities. Over 1.3 billion people, (22.3% of the world’s population) use tobacco in any form, with 36.7% being males and 7.8% females. 

Thanks to the popularity of smoking, the global lighter market is growing at a CAGR of 1.38% and is expected to touch USD 4909.38 Million by 2028

Top 10 Best Lighter Brands

The cigarette lighter brands allow smokers to light up in style and convenience. That said, not all brands are created equal. Some stand out for their innovation, reliability, and craftsmanship. 

1. Zippo: Best Iconic Lighter Brands

  • Founded: 1932 (91 years ago)  
  • Revenue: $161M (as of 2023)
  • Country of Origin: USA

Smokers globally have been counting on Zippo for a reliable flame for the past 80 years. Founded in 1932 by Mr. Blaisdell, the lighter brand has produced over 400 million lighters for sale in 160 countries and rakes in USD 161 million in annual revenue.   

Zippo offers a range of functional, ergonomic, attractive, and durable butane refillable lighters to fit different tastes and needs. Its windproof cigarette lighter has a classic chrome finish and multiple designs to accommodate different hobbies, activities, logos, and lifestyle interests. 

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The brand has a significant presence in popular culture, Hollywood, Broadway, and the music industry, appearing in over 2,000 productions, making it an iconic lighter brand. There’s a massive collector market for Zippo with some models commanding huge aftermarket prices.

Zippo collectors and enthusiasts globally even organize meet-ups and events regularly. Besides lighters, the lighter brand also offers fragrances, eyewear, lifestyle items, and outdoor products. 

Zippo also offers candle lighterspipe lighters, and utility lighters that also double up as the best brand gas lighter in India. Each Zippo lighter comes with a lifetime repair and replacement guarantee and free shipping on orders worth USD 75 and above.  

Zippo Lighter Series:

Windproof Pipe  Candle  Utility 

2. BIC: Safest Lighter Brands  

  • Founded: 25 Oct 1945 (78 years ago)
  • Revenue: €2.233 billion (as of 2022)
  • Country of Origin

BIC, initially associated with stationery and shavers, launched its first lighter in 1973. As of 2023, it is the world’s largest lighter manufacturer, having sold a staggering 30 billion lighters. BIC owns four modern factories in France, Spain, the USA, and Brazil, together rolling out 6 million lighters daily. As one of the best lighter brands, BIC caters to your unique requirements with four collections of pocket lighters: 

Classic Mini Special Edition Djeep

BIC uses Delrin, a crystalline compound, for the body, which makes the lighters resist cracks, leaks, impacts, and high temperatures. If BIC lighters deliver up to 3000 lights, it’s again due to Delrin, which allows for thin lining and more gas in the gas tank. The lighter brand also uses ‘isobutane’ gas to stabilize the pressure and maintain the flame throughout the lighter’s lifespan.

The valve body is a result of a cold stamping process using a pure electrolytic aluminum wire. The idea is to make the lighting mechanism crack-resistant and safe. Zinc-alloy die casting is another safety measure in BIC lighters to deter accidental fires. The liquid metal is forced into the molds at 400 C with an accuracy of 1/100th of a millimeter.  

Additionally, BIC offers a range of utility and fire lighters and even allows you to personalize your cigarette lighter with Design My BIC service.  

3. Clipper: Best Refillable Lighter Brands 

  • Founded: 1959 (64 years ago) 
  • Revenue: $598.3M (as of 2023) 
  • Country of Origin: Spain 

Selling 450 million units a year in 130+ countries, Clipper walks into our list of the best lighter brands. Headquartered in Barcelona and with factories in Chennai and Shanghai, the brand offers a range of lighters, gas refills, and accessories. 

Featuring an iconic cylindrical design by Enric Sarda, Clipper lighters are available in three categories: pocket lighters, metal lighters, and utility lighters. ISO 9994 certified and made of superior nylon, they look good, last long, and perform well, making them a reliable choice. 

An Exea Corporation division, Flamagas S.A., the world’s second-largest lighter manufacturer, owns Clipper. With an annual revenue of USD 598.3 million, the parent company also manufactures disposable vape products and distributes stationery and electronics for Casio and Daewoo.

Clipper Lighter Models

Model Length Diameter
Large 71mm 16mm
Medium 71mm 14mm
Pocket 63mm    16mm
Micro 63mm    14mm
Electronic Jet Flame 63mm 16mm

Electronic Jet Flame Finishes

Silver Gold Rose gold Icy
Black & gold Matt black Silver & rose gold Printed

4. St Dupont: Top Luxury Lighter Brands 

  • Founded: 1872 (151 years ago) 
  • Revenue: €45.20m (as of 2023) 
  • Country of Origin: France 

What started as a leather goods workshop in Paris in 1872 is now one of the top luxury cigarette lighter brands with a revenue of 45.20m (as of 2023). St Dupont lighters are not just ignition devices but a work of art crafted with passion, elite craftsmanship, and attention to detail. It is one of the few brands to customize lighters to your exact specifications.    

Dupont lighters often feature gold, silver, and other precious metals, and a sleek design, making them a style statement for those who appreciate luxury. Each lighter undergoes 140 steps before leaving the factory, making them highly reliable. And if some issues crop up, you can raise a return or replacement request. 

St Dupont designs lighters to offer adjustable flame, ease of use, wind resistance, and complete safety. Lighter enthusiasts also fall for their characteristic cling sound, which is a result of clever engineering and relentless testing. Instead of mass-producing, the lighter brand releases lighters in a limited quantity to maintain exclusivity.  

No wonder, the lighter brand has earned the prestigious French luxury Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company, or EPV) label. The French company also offers pens, jewelry, leather goods, eyewear, watches, fragrances, and attires in France, Europe, Asia, and the US.       

St Dupont Offerings

Collections Limited Editions Haute Création Customizable 

5. Dunhill:  

  • Founded: 1893 (130 years ago) 
  • Revenue: USD 75M – 100M (2023) 
  • Country of Origin: The UK 

A vision of Alfred Dunhill, Dunhill burst onto the scene in 1893 and gradually emerged as one of the top lighter brands with an annual revenue of USD75  to 100 million. S Kumars introduced the lighter brand in India in 2007 and has consolidated its presence ever since.

The London-based lighter brand offers a vast range of stylish, luxury lighters priced around Euro 190 and above. Specifications might vary, Dunhill lighters are handmade and have a brass body with a palladium or rhodium finish. 

We credit Dunhill for being one of the first to design and market butane gas lighters in the mid-50s. Designed by Ben Shillingford, Dunhill butane lighters gained popularity in the ’60s and ’70s for their form and function. Endorsed by James Bond in print and on the screen, they are coveted collectibles today due to their rarity and elegance.  

Dunhill’s premium offerings, Rollagas Lighters feature 18-carat gold and silver-plated engine-turned finishes and great functionality. Introduced in 1956, the design has remained unchanged and is widely popular for its style and classy craftsmanship. Handmade to perfection, Dunhill Aquarium Lighters are collectors’ favorites.   

6. Visol: Value for Money Best Lighter Brands 

  • Founded: Not Available 
  • Revenue: Not Available 
  • Country of Origin: USA 

Regardless of your taste or requirement, there’s a Visol lighter for you. The American brand offers Cigar lighters, Table lighters, Flint lighters, and Pipe lighters backed by competitive pricing, friendly customer service, and custom engraving. Visol’s cigar lighter collection includes: 

Flat-flame  Single-jet  Dual-jet  Triple & quad-jet 

As one of the top lighter brands, Visol offers an elegant and timeless design, sturdy metal construction, and the versatility of single and double flame torches. The lighters feature an inner gas release button to deliver the right butane flow for the right flame. Plus, their easy trigger action ensures ease of use while the outer mechanism keeps the lock in place.

The lighter brand ships each purchase in a gift box with a cleaning pad and a carrying pouch. You can also expect free engraving on select models to personalize your lighter for personal and corporate gifts. Alongside lighters, Visol also offers Cigar cutters, Cigar cases, Cigar humidors, Cigar ashtrays, Retail display packages, and other accessories.

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7. Ronson: 

  • Founded: 1898 (125 years ago)
  • Revenue: Not Available 
  • Country of Origin: USA 

Incorporated in 1898 as The Art Metal Works, Ronson evolved in parallel with the global lighter industry. To its credit, the company pioneered the world’s first sustainable flame lighter, “Wonderliter,” and “automatic operation” Banjo lighter. The latter allowed users to ignite and extinguish in a single push. 

In 1941, Ronson launched “Whirlwind,” one of the first wind-proof lighters that enabled the user to slide up a windproof shield around the wick. Cadet, the lighter brand’s other premium offering, was a silver-colored and durable square lighter released in 1959. 

Ronson lighters were such a rage during WW2 that Sherman M4 battle tanks were christened after them. Despite being outsold by other brands, Ronson earns a spot on our list of the best lighter brands due to its rich history and unparalleled innovation.

As of now, Zippo owns and manages the brand in the US, Canada, and Mexico while Ronson International Limited sells it in the rest of the world (except Australia, Canada, Japan, and the USA).

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With that, we conclude a comprehensive list of the best lighter brands, based on market research and customer feedback. The world of lighters is a crowded place with such a diverse range of brands, each with its unique features and characteristics. Whether you prefer innovation, design, reliability, or sheer history, there is something for all preferences. 

Remember, what you choose ultimately depends on your individual needs and style. 

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