Women’s Choice: The Best Female Cigarette Brands in India

Female Cigarette Brands


Let’s face it. India is home to the second-highest number of female smokers in the world, trailing behind just the US. In a country of 1.4 billion, 15% of adult women regularly puff away on female cigarette brands in India. Most come from metropolitan cities and their reasons for taking up the habit might vary. Some light up under peer pressure and work-related stress, while others take it up to change their social image or feel liberated.  

There is something about cigarettes – they discriminate on gender basis. While they cause cancers, heart diseases, strokes, and respiratory issues in both genders, female smokers run an additional risk of infertility, pregnancy issues, and cervical cancer. That’s one reason to quit smoking or, at least, reduce cigarette consumption. On that note, let’s explore the top female cigarette brands in India with price, cigarette sizes, and other relevant details. We also explore the reasons for the popularity of these types of cigarettes and the devastation they might cause to smoker’s health.

Male and Female Smoking Trends: A Comparison

Tobacco use in India increased between 1998-1999 and 2005-2006, and declined from 2005-2006 to 2015–2016, simultaneously for men and women.
In 2015-16, male smoking prevalence ranged from 5.71% in Maharashtra in the west to 37.70% in Mizoram in the northeast.
Likewise, female smoking prevalence ranged from 0.01% in Kerala in the south to 8.45% in Mizoram in the north-east
Smoking contributed 74% and smokeless tobacco use contributed 26% of the economic costs related to tobacco use in India.
Men accounted for 91% of the total economic burden related to tobacco, while women accounted for the remaining 9%.
Tobacco consumption in India from 2019 to 2021, by religion and gender, showed that Hindu males had the highest smoking rate (24.3%), followed by Muslim males (23.9%).
Sikh females had the lowest smoking rate (0.2%), followed by Hindu females (0.7%)

Worldlywiser Methodology: Choosing Female Cigarette Brands in India

Tobacco companies marketing brands towards women is neither a new phenomenon nor localized to India. Even Marlboro, considered a man-thing now, was marketed towards female smokers back in the 1930s. With so many options to choose from, female smokers in India are spoilt for choice. I found it the hard way during my research. So, my team and I laid down the parameters to evaluate female cigarette brands.

Assessed the flavor profiles offered by cigarette brands in India exclusively for female smokers.
Evaluated the packaging and design elements, as female-centric brands prioritize aesthetically pleasing and thoughtful designs.
Investigated the marketing strategies and brand messaging employed by brands to know how they target and resonate with their female audience.
Considered the popularity, market presence, and availability. Also assessed how brands position themselves in terms of luxury and affordability.

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What Qualifies As Female Cigarette Brands In India? 

Female cigarettes are exactly what they mean, cigarettes for female smokers. While the boundaries between regular smokes and female smokes are getting blurred by the day, a few traits define female cigarettes. These include, but, not limited to: 

Packaging Elegant and stylish designs on both the packaging and the cigarette itself. Might feature colors, patterns, and images that appeal to a female audience
Shape Usually slimmer in diameter compared to regular cigarettes for a delicate, feminist smoking experience
Flavor Profiles Typically lighter and more diverse flavors, such as fruitier, aromatic, or floral notes
Smoothness Provide a smoother and more comfortable drag minus the harshness and irritation associated with regular ones
Nicotine and Tar Levels Typically lower than regular cigarettes to make them look “safer” options  
Marketing Themes Usually marketed towards women as a tool for women’s empowerment and liberation 

Top Female Cigarette Brands in India with Price

Without any further ado, let’s start with the list of female cigarette brands.

Spoiler alert: From length and prices to taste and nicotine levels, we explore it all to give you a jumping-off point for informed decisions. Some tips for women who want to quit smoking or switch to less harmful alternatives also come by default. 

1. More International Red:

  • Trial Launch: 1974
  • Final Launch: 1975
  • Manufacturer: RJ Reynolds
  • Country of Origin: The USA

Launched for both male and female smokers in 1975 by RJ Reynolds, More International is now a go-to female cigarette brand. These slim, 120-mm cigarettes delight you with their taste, flavor profile, and elegance. Contrary to the norm, they come in a dark brown wrapper. However, you might come across shorter versions of More International with the hallmark white wrapper and white or cork filters. Over the years, the manufacturer reduced the cigarette’s nicotine and tar levels to fit into the female cigarette category.


Length: 120 mm Tar: 12 mg Nicotine: 0.9 mg
Carbon Monoxide: 10 mg Packaging: 20 sticks  Price: INR 690


  • Smooth Flow
  • Striking Flavor
  • Slim & Stylish


  • Pricier
  • Higher Carbon Monoxide

Popular Taglines:

  • “Dare to be More”
  • “That Brave Bold Blend”
  • “A taste of magic”


A very vintage and retro-style smoke!

More Reds are my favorite 120s. They have a strong flavor and a good nicotine hit. They also look classy and sophisticated. I love smoking them in public and getting compliments.

2. Sobranie Cocktail

  • Launched: 1879
  • Manufacturer: Japan Tobacco
  • Country of Origin: United Kingdom

How about a royal smoke? Well, say hello to Sobranie. Once reserved for the Russian, English, and French royals, Sobranie is a luxury cigarette brand with a reputation for distinctive packaging and delectable, aromatic flavor. Their vibrant multi-colored paper adds colors to your smoking experience. Even to this day, these smokes are hand-rolled with a special blend of Virginia, Latakia, and rare Yenidje tobaccos and feature elegant gold filigree. You can expect a mild yet rich taste and long-lasting smoke.

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Length: 100 mm Tar: 5 mg Nicotine: 0.5 mg
Carbon Monoxide: 5 mg Packaging: 20 sticks  Price: INR 950


  • Mild taste, smooth drag, and cool, long-lasting smoke
  • Available in different pastel color paper for each cigarette
  • A relatively “safer” option with low tar & low nicotine content


  • Too Pricey
  • Too light for some smokers’ liking

Other Sobranie Female Cigarette Brands in India: 

Sobranie Slims Blues Sobranie Super Slims Pinks Sobranie Cocktail
Sobranie Slims Mints Sobranie Super Slims Whites


I loved Sobranies! The Sobranie Cocktails were the most beautiful colors and matched any outfit a woman could wear. I’m talking about 1960 and 1970. I think they were a sort of sweetish Turkish Tobacco – if I’m wrong someone will correct me. In those days, we ladies liked to be elegant. How elegant is this for special occasions?

They’re very light-tasting and very smooth. I’d say clean tasting and I love that it doesn’t leave a weird chemical taste in my mouth. I prefer bolder cigs but these are fun to smoke if you’re into light cigarettes.

3. Gudang Garam International 

Image courtesy: kanal247.com

  • Launched: 1979
  • Manufacturer: Gudang Garam
  • Country of Origin: Indonesia

Not targeted at female smokers though, Gudang Garam International finds favor with affluent Indian females. Launched on November 3rd, 1979, this machine-rolled kretek cigarette packs a punch with a mixture of tobacco and cloves. Most female smokers just love the cigarette’s full flavor, decent nicotine hit, and long-lasting cooling, and invigorating effect. The sweet and spicy aroma of cloves and spices is just a bonus. 

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Length: 84 mm Tar: 32 mg Nicotine: 1.6 mg
Carbon Monoxide: 32 mg Packaging: 10 sticks  Price: INR 455


  • Full Flavor & Distinctive Aroma
  • Unique Blend of Tobacco & Cloves


  • Pricey
  • High levels of tar & CO

Other Gudang Garam Female Cigarette Brands in India:

GG Signature GG Signature Mild GG Djaja
GG Merah GG Patra GG Special Deluxe King Size


Gudang Garam is a cig that must be smoked slowly without deep drags. It is something to be enjoyed and lip-smacked (for the sweet cinnamon sugar it leaves on lips) and it lasts a lot longer than a regular cigarette.

These are EXTREMELY popular in Indonesia, and I can see why. They have a very unique taste and a very strong clove flavor.

4. Esse Methol 

  • Launched: 1996
  • Manufacturer: Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation
  • Country of Origin: South Korea

Esse is one of the best all-female cigarette brands in India and beyond. Its flagship, Esse Menthol has struck a chord with Indian female smokers who love slim and low-tar smokes. This kretek cigarette delivers a refreshing, long-lasting minty flavor and a smooth drag. Presently manufactured by the Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation, Esse Menthol is comparatively affordable, costing around INR 295 for a pack of 10.  


Length: 100 mm Tar: 5.0 mg Nicotine: 0.5 mg
Carbon Monoxide: N/A  Packaging: 10 sticks  Price: INR 295 


  • Affordable 
  • Super Slim and & Stylish 
  • Refreshing Menthol Flavor
  • Soft, clean-flavored with acetate filter
  • Relatively low tar & nicotine content


  • CO levels not specified
  • Too thin and weak for some smoker’s liking

Other Esse Female Cigarette Brands

One Black Silver
Classic Change Mango Change Cafe


I smoked this with my friend in Guangzhou. It was great in my opinion.

5. L&M Red

  • Launched: 1953
  • Manufacturer: Phillips Morris International
  • Country of Origin: The USA

One of the world’s top cigarette brands, L&M Red is a smoker’s delight, known for its smooth flow, fine aroma, robust tobacco flavor, and delectable aftertaste. These salient features come from great tobacco blends and a recessed filter made of acetate fiber. While L&M Red is a male cigarette, females puffing away on them is a common sight. If you love a traditional cigarette taste, these smokes will exceed your expectations.


Length: 88 mm Tar: 10 mg Nicotine: 0.7 mg
Carbon Monoxide: 10 mg Packaging: 20 sticks  Price: INR 450


  • Plenty of smoke creation & less smell
  • Smooth, traditional, and consistent taste 
  • Full-flavor cigarettes with great aftertaste 


  • Too Strong tobacco flavor
  • High tar and nicotine content

Other L&M Female Cigarette Brands: 

Blue Silver Menthol


I much prefer full flavors – in my opinion, L&M is better. Marlboro Lights (or Golds as they’ve been called for a while) taste way too chemically.

6. Marlboro Ultra Lights Silver

  • Launched: 1924
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Owner (India): Philip Morris International

Whether it’s the top cigarette brands in India or the best female cigarette brands in India, no list is complete without Marlboro. Forget the iconic “Marlboro Man,” the brand was initially targeted towards female smokers with the “Mild as May” tagline. Several decades on, a huge chunk of female smokers in India have taken a liking for Marlboro Ultra Lights Silver. Well, it could be due to its bold and edgy flavor and a full-bodied smoking experience. Price? Well, it justifies the quality we associate with Marlboro.   


Length: 85 mm Tar: 4 mg Nicotine: 0.4 mg
Carbon Monoxide: N/A Packaging: 20 sticks  Price: INR 330


  • Smooth and rich flavor
  • Low Nicotine and tar levels
  • Same blend of tobacco as the Full Flavored Marlboros


  • CO levels not specified
  • Too light & lacks a nicotine hit


Good ultra-light, nice tobacco flavor, not much of a buzz but very smooth, medium burn time, very good.” 

Smoking silver helped me cut down my dependence. The silver menthols taste better than the regulars but overall after having used them for a few months, I have come to personally not like the taste of full-flavor cigarettes.

7. Camel Blues

  • Launched: 1915
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Manufacturer (India): Japan Tobacco

Not an out-and-out ladies’ cigarette brand though, Camel Blue attracts a lot of female smokers seeking medium-bodied smoke. Launched in 1915 by RJ Reynolds as “Camel Lights,” these king-size smokes retain the iconic Camel flavor but minus the harshness and high nicotine levels. Female smokers fall for its smooth and mellow flavor and great aftertaste, emanating from a unique blend of Virginia, Burley, and Orient tobaccos.  


Length: 84 mm Tar: 6 mg Nicotine: 0.5 mg
Carbon Monoxide: 0.7 mg Packaging: 20 sticks  Price: INR 365


  • Relatively affordable
  • Smooth, mild taste
  • Low nicotine, tar & CO


  • A less profound nicotine hit

Other Camel Female Cigarette Brands:

Full flavor: Turkish Royal Ultra-light: Turkish Silver Menthol: Turkish Jade


I smoked on and off (mostly on) for 40 years, and this was my cigarette of choice.

8. Wills Classic Menthol 

  • Launched: 1979
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Manufacturer (India): ITC Limited

Looking for full-blooded Indian female cigarette brands in India? It’s hard to look beyond Classic Menthol. It’s not a ladies’ cigarette but Indian females found its taste refreshing, comforting, and truly Indian. The menthol cigarette’s strong minty flavor cools the mouth and throat and masks the strong tobacco taste. I can vouch for its smooth drag and rich, consistent, and pleasant taste. The aftertaste and nicotine hit aren’t bad either.


Length: 84 mm Tar: 6 mg Nicotine: 0.5 mg
Carbon Monoxide: N/A  Packaging: 20 sticks  Price: INR 390


  • Smooth drag
  • Consistent & pleasant taste
  • Low tar and nicotine levels


  • Not easily available
  • The cooling sensation can be too strong for some

Other Wills Classic Female Cigarette Brands

Blue Leaf Verve Ice-burst
Double Burst Low Smell Connect


Looks very classy and minimal. Not very strong so is also very easy to smoke and does not make my throat feel dry. I love the menthol flavor as it is refreshing and does not have a bad aftertaste like other cigarettes. It goes best with a drink and can be shared socially too. It is very easy for a new smoker to like this cigarette and get used to it. Highly recommended to all smokers! It makes you look unique!

9. Mevius Lights 

  • Launched: 1977
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Manufacturer: Japan Tobacco

Erstwhile Mild Seven, Mevius is the 3rd most smoked cigarette globally, after Marlboro and Camel. A decent percentage of its 76.5 billion smokers are females. Indian females have a liking for Mevius Lights, a toned-down version of the iconic Mevius blend. The cigarette’s delightful mouthfeel and cleaner smoking experience come from the seven natural tobacco flavors and activated charcoal compound. Despite the additive and portable, super slim profile, Mevius Lights delivers a moderate but lasting nicotine hit.


Length: 84 mm Tar: 8 mg Nicotine: 0.7 mg
Carbon Monoxide: 9 mg  Packaging: 20 sticks  Price: INR 580


  • Balanced taste and great flavor
  • Charcoal additive for cleaner smoke


  • Pricey
  • Relatively high tar levels


They taste very clean with a nice Virginia tobacco taste for a light cigarette. They have a decent smoke output much better than say a Marlboro light.

10. MOND Variance Applemint 

  • Launched:
  • Country of Origin: Dubai, U.A.E.
  • Manufacturer: Gulbahar Tobacco

MOND Variance, a flagship of Dubai-based Gulbahar Tobacco, is one of the best female cigarette brands in India and beyond. Applemint Menthol is its premium offering known for a double-switch mechanism, giving you the power to switch between two amazing flavors: ice and applemint. Feeling the need for a cool sensation? Activate the ice ball. Craving a refreshing twist? Go for the applemint ball. Better still, why not both?


Length: 84mm Tar: 5 mg Nicotine: 0.4 mg
Carbon Monoxide: 6 mg  Packaging: 20 sticks  Price: INR 299


  • Competitively-priced
  • Smooth & super slim
  • Low tar and nicotine content
  • A double-switch mechanism for a personalized flavor profile


  • Not for those who love traditional tobacco flavor

Other MOND Variance Female Cigarette Brands

Gum Paan Menthol Strawberry Watermelon

Female Cigarette Brands in India: Takeaways  

With that, we conclude our exploration of the best female cigarette brands in India. The ladies’ cigarettes I listed aren’t just cigarettes. Instead, they’re expressions of style, taste, individuality, and lifestyle. Each brand brings something unique to the table.

From scurrying the internet to interviewing female smokers, my team and I did everything to curate an authentic, evidence-based list of ladies’ cigarette names. 

On the note that cigarettes are a health risk, stay informed and stay wiser.

Female Cigarette Brands in India: FAQs:

1. Which cigarette is best in India for ladies?

Based on my investigations, most Indian females prefer More International. Despite their hefty price tag, they are feminine slim, and stylish, and offer a smooth drag, striking flavor, and a fine mouthfeel.

2. What is the female cigarette brand?

The term “female cigarette brand” is not a standard industry classification. However, cigarette brands often target female smokers with slimmer, lighter, flamboyant, and feminine-looking cigarettes, known as ladies’ cigarettes or female cigarettes.

3. Which female cigarette is safe? 

None. Virtually all cigarettes contain tobacco, which releases nicotine, CO, and other dangerous gases. However, if you must smoke, go for cigarettes with lower tar and nicotine levels.

4. Is Marlboro a woman’s cigarette?

Even though we associate Marlboro with machoism (Marlboro Man), it was targeted towards females in the early 1930s with the “Mild as May” tagline. It was only in the mid-50s that the brand repositioned itself as a man thing.

5. What cigarettes do girls smoke?

It depends on availability. In metropolitan cities, most smoke More, Sobranie, L&M, Esse, and other mid-end and high-end brands.

Feature Image Courtesy: Wirestock on Freepik