All Cigarette Name List: A Full Spectrum

All Cigarette Name List


In 2020, a staggering 5.2 trillion sticks were consumed worldwide, despite the growing health awareness and government regulations. That’s a reason enough for us to dive into the “All Cigarette Name” list, covering the full spectrum, from traditional cigarettes to methol, herbal, and organic ones. On the note that tobacco killed 8 million smokers and bystanders, let’s explore not just the top brands, but the whole shebang! 

However, let’s get the ball rolling with the types of cigarettes on the market. 

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All Cigarette Name: Types of Cigarettes

Regular Cigarette The standard cigarettes, containing a blend of tobacco with or without filters
Menthol Cigarette Infused with menthol for a minty flavor and cooling sensation
Light Cigarette Marketed as a lower tar and nicotine option, characterized by a lighter taste
Ultra-Light Cigarette A further reduction in tar and nicotine compared to light cigarettes
Filtered Cigarette Equipped with a filter to reduce the intake of tar and nicotine
Non-Filtered Cigarette Lacks filter for a more direct and harsh smoking experience
Cloves or Kreteks Contain a blend of tobacco and cloves, originating from Indonesia
Herbal Cigarettes Tobacco-free alternatives made from herbs, flowers, or other plant materials
Organic Cigarettes Claimed to be made from organic tobacco without synthetic additives
Luxury Cigarettes High-end brands with superior tobacco quality and sophisticated packaging
Slim Cigarettes Come with a slimmer shape, often marketed towards women
Flavored Cigarettes Infused with various flavors, such as fruit, chocolate, or vanilla
Roll-your-own (RYO) Cigarettes Made by hand-rolling loose tobacco in rolling papers
Electronic Cigarettes Vaporize a liquid (usually containing nicotine) for inhalation
Cigarillos Smaller cigars, resembling cigarettes but with a tobacco leaf wrapper

All Cigarette Name List: Regular Cigarettes:

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Regular cigarettes, or just “regulars,” are your typical, everyday smokes. Made from a blend of processed and cured tobacco leaves, they deliver that classic cigarette taste. You’ve got options too – some come with a filter at the end to supposedly reduce certain substances. Others keep it filter-free for a direct smoking experience and a stronger hit.

Here’s a comprehensive country-wise list of all cigarette brands in the world.

All Cigarette Name List: Armenia:

Akhtamar   Grand Tobacco
Ararat  International Masis Tabak
Black Tip Grand Tobacco  
Dominant  International Masis Tabak  
Garni Grand Tobacco
GT Grand Tobacco
Masis Grand Tobacco
MT One Grand Tobacco
NOY International Masis Tabak
Red Line Grand Tobacco
The One Grand Tobacco 
VIP Blue Grand Tobacco

All Cigarette Name List: Australia:

Longbeach Philip Morris International 
Winfield British American Tobacco (International)

All Cigarette Name List: Austria: 

Smart Austria Tabak GmbH 
Memphis Gallaher Group

All Cigarette Name List: Brazil: 

Derby Souza Cruz
Hollywood Souza Cruz
Ritz Tabaqueira 
Vila Rica  R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

All Cigarette Name List: Canada: 

Belmont  Philip Morris International
Canadian Classics Rothmans, Benson & Hedges
Du Maurier Imperial Tobacco Canada
Export JTI Macdonald

All Cigarette Name List: China:

Chunghwa  Shanghai Tobacco Group   
Double Happiness  Shanghai Tobacco Corporation
Furongwang [fr] Hunan Tobacco Group
Guiyan  Guizhou Tobacco Group  
Hongtashan Hongta Tobacco Group  
Huanghelou Hubei Tobacco Group
Huangshan Anhui Tobacco Group
Liqun Zhejiang Tobacco Group
Septwolves Fujian Tobacco Group
Yuxi Hongta Tobacco Group 
Zhongnanhai Beijing Tobacco Corporation

All Cigarette Brands: Croatia: 

Jadran Adris Grupa (British American Tobacco)
Walter Wolf British American Tobacco 

All Cigarette Name List: Cuba: 

Cohiba Altadis
Romeo y Julieta Altadis

All Cigarette Brands: Denmark: 

Caines House of Prince
King’s  House of Prince 
Look House of Prince
Prince House of Prince
Rambler  House of Prince  

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All Cigarette Brands: Egypt: 

Cleopatra Eastern Tobacco Company
Mondial  Eastern Tobacco Company    

All Cigarette Brands: Finland: 

Colt  Philip Morris USA
Klubi Rettig Group Oy Ab 
North State British American Tobacco  
Työmies  Tupakkatehdas Fennia 

All Cigarette Name List: France:

Gauloises  Imperial Tobacco
Gitanes Imperial Brands
ST Dupont Philip Morris International

All Cigarette Name List: Germany: 

Ashford Joh. Wilh. von Eicken GmbH 
Ernte 23  Reemtsma 
f6 Philip Morris International
Goldfield Multiple European tobacco companies   
HB British American Tobacco  
Karo Altria
Mark Adams No. 1  Grand River Enterprises Germany
Nil  Gallaher Group 
Overstolz Japan Tobacco International 
Pueblo Pöschl Tabak 
Reval  Reemtsma
Roth-Händle Reemtsma
West Imperial Brands (International) 

All Cigarette Brands: Greece: 

Assos  Papastratos
Cooper SEKAP
George Karelias and Sons  Karelia Tobacco Company  

All Cigarette Brands: Hong Kong:

DJ Mix D J Tobacco Co. Ltd.
PEEL [ko] D J Tobacco Co., Ltd.  
Shuangxi  CTBAT (International)

All Cigarette Brands: Ireland: 

Carroll’s  British American Tobacco
Sweet Afton British American Tobacco 

All Cigarette Name List: Indonesia:    

Brand Manufacturer
286 Merapi Agung Lestari
A Mild (Samporena A)  Sampoerna
Absolute Mild Karyadibya Mahardika & Japan Tobacco
Access Mild Moeria Mulia
Apache  Karyadibya Mahardika & Japan Tobacco
Ardath British American Tobacco & Bentoel Group
Armour    Armour Indonesia Limited 
Aroma Nojorono  Tobacco & Aroma Tobacco International 
Arum Manis Jaleca Tobacco Factory
Bentoel Bentoel Group 
Bintang Buana Bentoel Group 
Bokormas  Bokormas Tobacco
Cendana Cendana Nusantara
Chief Manunggal Jaya Tobacco
Clas Mild  Nojorono Tobacco International 
Clavo Djarum  
Clu13 (Club) Bentoel Group
Country  Bentoel Group Indonesia
Crystal  Filasta Indonesia
Delima  Djuwed Tobacco Factory
Djarum  Djarum
Djeruk Kretek Daun Jeruk tobacco
Dji Sam Soe 234 Philip Morris International & Sampoerna  
Djolali Kretek Djolali Nusantara
Envio Mild Leni Jaya Tobacco  
Equs Bold KT&G & Mandiri Maha Mulia
Excel Bold Excel
Extreme Mild  Japan Tobacco & Karyadibya Mahardhika
Fellas Mild Djarum
Fix Mild Tambora Mulyorejo
Fixation Merapi Agung Lestari
Forum  Forum Cigarettes
Galan Wismilak
Ganas Ganas Tobacco Company
Geo Mild Roberta Prima Tobacco
GG Mild Gudang Garam
GL   Utama Mama
Gudang Garam Gudang Garam 
Hero Sumatra Tobacco Trading Company (STTC)
Hits Mild Tobacco Selatmalaka Industry
In Mild Djarum
Inspiro Djarum  
Intro Manunggal Jaya Tobacco
Jazy Mild Nojorono
Jet Sumatra Tobacco Trading Company (STTC)  
Maxus Nojorono
Midas Filter Midas 
Mild Formula Saraswanti Mekar Agung
Mustang Wikatama Indah Sigaret
Nagari Filter Barito tobacco factory   
Naxan PT. Sejahtera 
neO Mild  Bentoel Group
Neslite Merapi Agung Lestari
Nikki Super Nikki Super Tobacco Indonesia
Niko International    Niko Rama
Nuu Mild CAMA
Pensil Mas TDS Tobacco
PIN Sampoerna
Polo Mild  Muria Sigaret Industries
Potenza  Karya Timur Prima 
Praoe Lajar Perusahaan Rokok Perahu Layar
Rawit Bentoel Group
Red Mild Gudang Baru
Relax Mild Transentra Tobacco
RHF Indonesian tobacco company
Sampoerna Hijau  Sampoerna
Sam Djok Koe Sampoerna
Score Mild  Maju Abadi Sigaret 
Sejati Bentoel Group
Senior  Victory Indonesia
Site Indonesian tobacco company
Slic Mild Djarum
U Mild  Sampoerna    
Ultra Special PTHI 
Uno Mild Bentoel Group Indonesia 
Up Mild  Pura Perkasa Jaya
Urban Mild  Armando 
Vegas Mild  Sampoerna
Win Mild  Karya Dibya Mahardika
X Mild Bentoel Group
Zenfi Perusahaan Rokok Zenfi 

All Cigarette Brands in India:

Berkeley   ITC Limited India  
Bristol ITC Limited (International)
Cavanders  Godfrey Phillips India
Chancellor Golden Tobacco Ltd
Charminar VST Industries
Charms VST Industries
Classic Filter Kings ITC Limited
Cool NTC Industries Ltd 
Deluxe Tenor  NTC Industries Ltd  
Duke ITC Limited 
Flair Golden Tobacco Ltd
Flake ITC Limited
Four Square Godfrey Phillips India
FS1  Godfrey Phillips India
Gold Flake ITC Limited
India Kings ITC Limited
Insignia ITC Limited 
June Golden Tobacco Ltd
Legend Golden Tobacco Ltd
Lips Golden Tobacco Ltd
Maypole  NTC Industries Ltd
Moments VST Industries
Navy Cut ITC Limited
NO.10 NTC Industries Ltd
North Pole Godfrey Phillips India
Panama  Golden Tobacco Ltd
Platinum Golden Tobacco Ltd
Players ITC Limited
Red & White  Godfrey Phillips India
Regent NTC Industries Ltd
Royal ITC Limited
Scissors ITC Limited
Shaan VST Industries
Special Extra Filter VST Industries
Style Golden Tobacco Ltd
Taj Chhap Deluxe Golden Tobacco Ltd
Tipper  Godfrey Phillips India
Wills Navy Cut ITC Limited

All Cigarette Brands: Israel: 

Noblesse Dubek 
Time Dubek

All Cigarette Brands: Italy: 

Diana Philip Morris International
MS British American Tobacco (International)
Sax British American Tobacco
Yesmoke Yesmoke

All Cigarette Brands: Japan:

Cabin Japan Tobacco 
Caster Japan Tobacco 
Golden Bat Japan Tobacco
Hi-Lite Japan Tobacco
Hope Japan Tobacco
Mevius  Japan Tobacco International
Peace  Japan Tobacco
Pianissimo Peche Japan Tobacco
Sakura Japan Tobacco 
Seven Stars Japan Tobacco  
Smart Japan Tobacco

All Cigarette Brands: Luxembourg: 

Africaine Landewyck Tobacco
Che  Landewyck Tobacco
Ducal  Landewyck Tobacco
Elixyr  Landewyck Tobacco
Lexington Landewyck Tobacco (British American Tobacco) 
Maryland  Landewyck Tobacco

All Cigarette Brands: Malaysia:

Next Philip Morris International
LD (Liggett Ducat) Japan Tobacco International
Saat AKJ Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd  

All Cigarette Brands: Netherlands: 

Belinda   British American Tobacco
Black Devil Heupink & Bloemen
Caballero British American Tobacco
Mantano British American Tobacco
Pink Elephant  Heupink & Bloemen

All Cigarette Brands in the Philippines:

Astro La Suerte Cigar and Cigarette Factory
Bonus La Suerte Cigar and Cigarette Factory  
Bowling Gold  PMFTC
Casino Associated Anglo-American Tobacco Corporation
Champion PMFTC
Dallas Associated Anglo-American Tobacco Corporation 
Fortune International PMFTC
Jackpot PMFTC
Mighty Mighty Corporation
Winnsboro Associated Anglo-American Tobacco Corporation

All Cigarette Brands: Poland: 

Popularne  Państwowe Zakłady Przemysłu
Jan III Sobieski British American Tobacco 
Mocne  Imperial Brands

All Cigarette Brands: Russia: 

Jin Ling Baltic Tobacco Company
LD (Liggett Ducat) Japan Tobacco International 
Play  Japan Tobacco International 
Russky Stil Japan Tobacco International
Sobranie Japan Tobacco International 

All Cigarette Name List: Spain: 

American Street Premium Adlon Eurobusiness
Bastos Altadis (Imperial Tobacco)
Ducados Altadis (Imperial Tobacco) 
Fortuna Imperial Brands (International)  

All Cigarette Name List: South Africa: 

Gunston British American Tobacco
Peter Stuyvesant British American Tobacco (International)
Woodland Craft Cigarettes Smokey Treats

All Cigarette Brands: South Korea: 

Esse Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corporation 
Raison KT&G, Mandiri Maha Mulia 

All Cigarette Name List: Sri Lanka:

Four Aces W.D. & H.O. Wills/ Imperial Brands
John Player (now Superkings) Ceylon Tobacco Company 
John Player Gold Leaf Ceylon Tobacco Company  
Lucky 7 Ceylon Tobacco Company 
Matterhorn Ceylon Tobacco Company 
Player’s Navy Cut  Imperial Brands
Sportsman  Ceylon Tobacco Company 
Three Roses Imperial Brands  

All Cigarette Name List: Sweden: 

Blend Swedish Match AB  
John Silver (cigarette) Japan Tobacco 
Level Japan Tobacco 
Main House of Prince
Newmore House of Prince

All Cigarette Name List: Switzerland: 

Davidoff Imperial Brands (International)
Parisienne British American Tobacco

All Cigarette Name List: UK:

Benson & Hedges Altria
Bond Street Philip Morris International
Capstan Imperial Brands
Club Gallaher Group       
Craven A Rothmans, Benson & Hedges (International)
Kensitas Club Japan Tobacco International 
Lambert & Butler Imperial Brands (International)
Mayfair Japan Tobacco International
Pall Mall   British American Tobacco (International)
Regal Imperial Brands 
Richmond  Imperial Brands 
Rothmans Philip Morris International
Senior Service Gallaher Group 
Silk Cut Japan Tobacco International (International) 
State Express 555 British American Tobacco (International)
Sterling  Japan Tobacco International 
Superkings Imperial Brands
Vogue British American Tobacco 
Woodbine Imperial Brands

All Cigarette Name List: USA:

Cigarette Brand Manufacturer
305’s Dosal Tobacco
Basic Philip Morris International (International)
Cambridge  Philip Morris USA
Camel  Japan Tobacco International (International)
Capri  R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
Competidora Dosal Tobacco
Crossroads United States
Dakota R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
Doral  R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
DTC  Dosal Tobacco United States
Kent British American Tobacco (International)
Kool British American Tobacco (International)
Lark Altria & Philip Morris USA
Liggett Select Liggett Group
Marlboro  Philip Morris International (International)
Maverick Imperial Brands 
Max  Lorillard Tobacco Company
Merit Philip Morris USA 
Misty  R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company 
Montego Liggett Group 
More  Japan Tobacco International (International)
Natural American Spirit Japan Tobacco International (International)
Newport British American Tobacco (International)
Oasis United States
Old Gold R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company 
Parliament  Philip Morris International (International)
Philip Morris  Philip Morris International (International)
Pyramid Liggett Group
Salem ITG Brands
Strand W.D. & H.O. Wills
Tareyton American Tobacco Company 
True R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
USA Liggett Group 
USA Gold ITG Brands 
Vantage R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company
Virginia Slims Altria 
VLN (Very Low Nicotine)  22nd Century Group
Wings Japan Tobacco, British American Tobacco
Winston Japan Tobacco International (International)

All Cigarette Name List: Vietnam: 

Manchester Magnum Asia Limited 
Thang Long Thang Long Tobacco Factory

All Cigarette Name List: Miscellaneous:

Cigarette Brand Manufacturer Country 
Alain Delon British American Tobacco Cambodia
Assos Papastratos Greece
Bahman Iranian Tobacco Company Iran
Carpați  Sfântu-Gheorghe Tobacco  Romania
GMB Cigarette General Management Business Iraq
Jadran Adris Grupa  Croatia
Melbour  Espert S.A. Tabacalera Argentina
Paramount Imperial Tobacco Norway AS Norway
Prima Kyiv Tobacco Factory Ukraine
Red Ruby Big Tobacco Myanmar
R6 Reemtsma (Imperial Tobacco) Weimar Republic
SG Philip Morris International Portugal

All Cigarette Name: Menthol Cigarettes

How about a cigarette with a minty twist? That’s a menthol cigarette for you. Just take a drag, and expect a refreshing, icy zing besides the usual tobacco flavor. As the name says, it contains menthol to make the whole experience a bit cooler. If you like that extra bit of freshness, go for menthol cigarettes. While they feel refreshing, smoking anything is a health hazard. It’s always good to be aware and safe!

All Cigarette Name: Luxury Cigarettes

Luxury cigarettes are exactly what they mean, cigarettes for the affluent. Call them the Rolls Royce of cigarettes, meticulously crafted from the finest tobacco and wrapped in a package that screams sophistication. Just light one up, and experience the indulgence reserved for the select few. Their silky smoothness will keep you clamoring for more while the carefully designed packaging is a keepsake. They are all about opulence and a super refined taste but are as big a health hazard as any cigarette, so be aware.

All Cigarette Name: Herbal Cigarettes

All cigarettes contain tobacco, save for herbal ones. They pack a punch with a mix of herbs, flowers, and other plant stuff, and often come with flavors beyond your regular tobacco palette – think floral, fruity, or spicy. Brands usually market them as healthier alternatives to traditional cigarettes and nonsmoking aids. However, don’t be fooled by the “herbal” tag; smoking anything isn’t entirely risk-free. Just remember, even herbs have their trade-offs, so tread lightly! Plus, they cost more than your regular smoke.


Cigarettes endanger health. Yet, they are one of the most consumed products globally. 


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