Your Ultimate Guide to All ITC Cigarette Brands

ITC Cigarette Brands


What started as an unassuming tobacco company in 1910 emerged as India’s leading FMCG player with a market cap of INR 5.28 trillion as of 2023. While ITC is a diversified conglomerate, cigarettes contribute 75% of its EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes). That calls for an in-depth look at the ITC Cigarette Brands in India and internationally.

ITC Cigarette Brands: Timeline

First, let’s trace the emergence of ITC, from an unknown entity to the market leader. Here’s the brief timeline.

  • 1910: Incorporation of ITC with operations starting from a leased office in Kolkata.
  • 1925: ITC ventures into Packaging & Printing as strategic backward integration for its Cigarettes business.
  • 1926: ITC moved to its present location ‘Virginia House’ at J.L. Nehru Road, previously 37, Chowringhee.
  • 1970: Name change from Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited to India Tobacco Company Limited.
  • 1974: Transformation into I.T.C. Limited.
  • 2001: Removal of full stops in the company’s name, becoming ‘ITC Limited’.
  • 1975: Entry into the Hotels business with the acquisition of a hotel in Chennai, rebranded as ‘ITC-Welcomgroup Hotel Chola’.
  • 1980s Onward: Diversification into FMCG, Paperboards and Packaging, Agri Business, and Information Technology.
  • Present: ITC Limited is the world’s third-largest tobacco company, surpassing British American Tobacco (BAT). Plus, it is a conglomerate with 13 businesses spread across 5 segments, exports to 90 countries, and a presence in over 6 million retail outlets. The company raked in a revenue of INR 78,498.70 crore (US$9.8 billion) in 2023.

Why ITC Cigarette Brands Rule the Roost?

ITC Limited has stayed resilient, adaptable, and ahead of the curve throughout its journey, cementing its position as a prominent player in various industries. Let’s decode the company’s recipe for success.

1. First Mover Advantage:

ITC dipped its toes into the tobacco business in 1910, becoming the first Indian tobacco company. The early entry gave ITC a solid foundation to build on, allowing it to streamline supply chains and make cigarettes easily accessible.

2. Extensive Portfolio:

ITC’s clever strategy to cater to all needs and budgets worked well to keep sales rolling. From cheaper options like Gold Flake Superstar to the most expensive made-in-India cigarette, Insignia, ITC’s cigarette portfolio is as vast as it gets. 

3. Manufacturing Might:

ITC takes manufacturing seriously, investing heavily in massive, modern facilities pan-India. So, the company has got enough cigarettes to go around and can implement new tech and efficiency upgrades to stay ahead of the curve.

4. Last Mile Reach:

With so much to sell, ITC knows how to get its cigarettes out there. The company spearheads a network of over 6 million retail outlets, making it a breeze for buyers to grab their favorite ITC cigarette, regardless of their location.

5. Regulatory Compliance:

ITC has the Indian tobacco regulations down to a science. The company has systems to handle the red tape and stay on the right side of the law while pushing boundaries with new, innovative flavors and snazzy pack designs.

6. Strategic Acquisitions:

ITC has been on a shopping spree. From snapping up brands like Gold Flake and Scissors to acquiring the manufacturing business of Tobacco Manufacturers (India) Limited, the company strengthened its hold on the market.

ITC Cigarette Brands: Tactics

Over the years, ITC has courted controversies for using shady tactics staple for tobacco brands globally.

  • Bypassing tobacco advertising bans 
  • Promoting smoking among youngsters and females
  • Introducing cigarette variant extensions like “Lights”
  • Compensating retailers for pushing tobacco products 
  • Unlawful placement of advertising billboards and posters
  • Disguising tobacco marketing by combining it with other ITC products 
  • Marketing at point of sale aimed at minors, such as placing cigarettes near “kids’ sections”

Data Courtesy: Tobacco Tactics

ITC Cigarette Brands List: History, Branding, Flavors, Price & More

Now, that the nitty-gritty of ITC is over, it is time to focus on ITC Cigarette Brands, one at a time.

1. Gold Flake:

Gold Flake’s brand value of $1 billion and annual sales of INR 3,700 crore make it one of the world’s most iconic and valuable cigarette brands. Indians buy 7 million Gold Flake brand cigarettes each day, which speaks for the brand’s popularity. Marketed by British American Tobacco Pakistan, Gold Flake is also one of Pakistan’s top cigarette brands

It all started back in 1901 in Glasgow with Stephen Mitchell & Son launching Gold Flake. However, Bristol’s W.D. & H.O. Wills swooped in and took over production in 1912, giving us that signature golden tobacco we know and love. ITC brought Gold Flake to the Indian market in the swinging ’60s, targeting upscale male smokers.

Fast forward to 1971, Gold Flake Kings hit the scene, followed by Gold Flake Kings Lights in ’99. The company went all in on smoothness, slapping symbols like silk scarves and violins all over its ads to drive home that silky vibe. Gold Flake switched gears with a fresh new campaign called Go Smooth, waving goodbye to the Honeydew Smooth campaign. 

Gold Flake Cigarette Prices:

Smokers associate Gold Flake with all types of cigarettes and all cigarette sizes, from cheap to luxury, regular to king-size, and nonflavored to flavored. The brand’s extensive portfolio offers something to every taste, need, and budget.     

Gold Flake Cigarettes Price (2024) 
Gold Flake Kings Honeydew Smooth Rs. 170
Gold Flake Indie Mint   Rs. 100
Gold Flake Kings Rs. 340
Gold Flake Mixpod Rs. 170
Gold Flake Kings Lights  Rs. 340
Gold Flake Premium Filter    Rs. 95
Gold Flake Twinpod Rs. 170
Gold Flake SLK Rs. 190
Gold Flake Neo Rs. 95
Gold Flake Superstar Rs. 49

2. Wills Insignia:

Make way for the most expensive made-in-India cigarette brand as of 2024. Back in March 2003, ITC unleashed Wills Insignia to target affluent smokers and take on imported cigarette brands like Marlboro and Sobranie, who were ruling the grey market. Initially priced at INR 100 for a pack of 20, it’s now INR 700, still holding onto its fancy status.

Insignia has got all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a luxury cigarette. As an ex-smoker, I can vouch for its silky smooth taste, crafted from the finest tobacco. Even the packaging is like a work of art, blending premium materials and fancy details for that extra touch of class. Plus, it goes low on tar and nicotine for an illusion of safety. Read More…

Wills Insignia Price: 

INR 700

3. Wills Navy Cut: 

With a sailing legacy, Navy Cut is a cult cigarette brand with a growing, loyal customer base. In my smoking days, it was my go-to for its smoothness, fine tobacco flavor, and satisfying kick. On the downside, it was harsher on the throat and as dangerous as a cigarette brand can be. Does Navy Cut cause cancer? Yes, like any cigarette out there.    

Launched by W.D. & H.O. Wills in the UK, ITC, the Imperial Tobacco Company of India back then, introduced Navy Cut in India in 1910. Fast forward to July 1963, and Wills Navy Cut Filter Tipped makes its debut in India, priced at 10 Annas for a pack of 10. In 1988, W.D. & H.O. Wills wrapped up shop in the UK, but ITC kept the Navy Cut afloat in India.

Over the years, Navy Cut got a makeover, sporting a sleek 10s pack with a bold red band and the iconic W leaf. The Wills Crest made way for the classic unicorns, giving the brand a fresh vibe. However, its iconic “Made of Each Other” campaign is still fresh in our memories. Come 2012, Navy Cut got a striking new look to keep up with the times.

Navy Cut Cigarette Prices:

From cheap cigarettes to mid-price options, Navy Cut comes in five variants to support different needs.

Navy Cut Regular  INR 80    
Navy Cut Regular Minty  INR 59
Navy Cut Longs INR 110
Navy Cut Virginia DSFT INR 50   
Navy Cut Regular Fruity INR 59 

4. Wills Classic:

Classic hit the market in 1979 as a luxury cigarette brand, and quickly struck a chord with affluent smokers in metro areas. Come the late ’90s, Classic spruced up its image by bumping up the cigarette size and diameter and improving the paper quality. ITC even introduced Classic Ultra Milds in 1997. Currently, Imperial Tobacco owns it beyond India.

ITC later jazzed up the packaging with different colors for each variant, alongside backing events like racing and golf to attract the Westernized, well-heeled crowd. And in ’96, the brand rolled out limited edition music packs. Fast forward to the 2000s, and Classic made waves with new variants like Classic Verve, one of the top slim cigarette brands.

In recent years, Classic introduced innovative products like Capsule cigarettes in 2015 and Classic Low Smell in 2016. Launched in 2023, Classic Connect quickly became India’s top menthol cigarette brand. Thanks to its vast cigarette portfolio and superior quality, Classic remains one of the top cigarette brands in India with a wide customer base.

Classic Cigarette Prices:

Classic Mild  INR 170
Classic Connect INR 300
Classic Ice Burst INR 340
Classic Double Burst INR 340
Classic Verve Blue Leaf INR 190
Classic Regular Rich Taste INR 170
Classic Alphatec INR 340
Classic Blue Leaf 20’s INR 400
Classic Low Smell INR 340

5. India Kings:

ITC’s tobacco division rolled out India Kings cigarettes in 1975, as an aspirational brand. Flash forward to today, and India Kings enjoys about 5% of the Indian cigarette market, mostly in urban hotspots like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and beyond. The brand is making waves abroad too, catering to the Indian crowd in the Middle East and Canada.

When it comes to branding, India Kings blends top-notch international tobacco with flavors tailored for Indian taste buds. With India King, ITC targets upper-middle-class consumers seeking a luxurious experience. You used to have options like Kerala Mint and Tamil Nadu Herbal, but thanks to a ban in 2020, it’s now just Rich Gold and White Gold.

India Kings Cigarette Prices:

India Kings Rich Gold INR 360 
India Kings White Gold INR 360

6. Scissors:

Scissors might not be a household name everywhere, but it’s holding its own in North India and beyond, thanks to its savvy mix of quality and affordability. Unleashed by Godfrey Phillips India in the 1970s and acquired by ITC in 2022, Scissors enjoys about 2-3% of the Indian cigarette market, popular in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. ITC also exports it to the Middle East and a few Asian countries, alongside Gold Flake, Classic, and more.

Earlier, Scissors used to come in Rich Menthol and Honey Dew Menthol flavors, catering to the younger crowd. But since flavored cigs got the boot in India in 2020, you’ve now got the classic Scissors Regular (70mm) and the Scissors Lights (75mm) only. Priced between ₹100-150 per pack, Scissors justifies its tagline, “Relaxation at an affordable price!”

Scissors Cigarette Prices:

Scissors Regular INR 110
Scissors Lights  INR 140

7. Lucky Strike:

Lucky Strike, or Luckies, is an American classic owned by the British American Tobacco group. The original owner, R.A. Patterson unleashed the brand as chewing tobacco in 1871 but it transitioned into a cigarette by the early 1900s. The name came from the gold rushes of the time. Just like the rarity of striking gold, top-quality blends were also rare.

An urban legend suggests that the name “Lucky Strike” hinted at the presence of marijuana in some cigarette packs, although this claim remains unsubstantiated. ITC Ltd brought Lucky Strike into India to take on Marlboro and other premium International brands. As a side note, British American Tobacco has got a hefty 33% stake in ITC.

Lucky Strike Cigarette Prices:

Lucky Strike Click 4 Mix INR 410

8. Capstan:

One of the value-for-money ITC Cigarette Brands, Capstan has been around since 1936. When ITC took over the brand from Imperial Tobacco in 1970, it was already a hit. Under ITC it went on to cement its place as one of India’s oldest and most cherished cigarette brands. As of 2024, industry sources put Capstan’s market share at a respectable 2-3%.    

ITC has positioned Capstan as a brand synonymous with purity, smoothness, and affordability to target the middle class. Thanks to its superior tobacco and refreshing taste, the brand is popular in the South Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu. It has found its way to a few Asian and African markets over the years.

Capstan Cigarette Price:

INR 72 

9. Silk Cut:

It is a British classic introduced by the Gallaher Group in 1964 with a unique blend of tobacco and Cytrel, a cellulose-based substitute. But times change, and today, Silk Cut prides itself on being additive-free. With just 5 mg of tar, it offered a lighter alternative to stronger brands like B&H and Marlboro. Known for its distinctive white packet with a splash of vibrant color, it’s a standout choice for many smokers seeking a “safer,” natural, and classier option.  

ITC launched the brand in India in 2003, bypassing the trademark dispute with the original maker. While Silk Cut is a luxury brand globally, ITC offers a few cheap variants under the brand. And for the name, “Silk Cut” is a metaphor. It implies a cigarette that’s smooth and gentle, without the usual throat irritation or health risks associated with smoking. Even though Silk Cut isn’t targeted towards women, it is one of India’s most preferred female cigarette brands.

Silk Cut Cigarette Prices:

Silk Cut Purple INR 435 
Silk Cut Silver INR 435
Silk Cut Blue INR 50 
Silk Cut Special INR 60

10. Berkley:

Berkeley cigarettes burst onto the scene in the early 1990s as a regional favorite under the Bhiwadi Group. However, in 2005, they found a new home under the umbrella of ITC cigarette brands. With a modest 1-2% market share, Berkeley holds its ground in its native Rajasthan, alongside Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and other states in North India.

Berkeley Cigarette Prices:

INR 60

11. Players:

Priced at INR 70, Player’s is one of the value-for-money ITC cigarette brands known for its strong flavor and decent nicotine kick. The brand was originally launched by the British tobacco company, John Player & Sons, which in 1901 teamed up with other companies to form the Imperial Tobacco Company. The company also gave us the iconic, Navy Cut. Fun fact: the company dabbled in football trading cards in the 1930s, all under the Player’s brand.

Player’s Cigarette Price:

INR 70

12. Bristol:

Bristol has garnered a loyal following for its intense flavor and affordable pricing. Priced at INR 65, it’s known for delivering a strong hit and maintaining a raw tobacco taste that smokers appreciate. Interestingly, in 2015, ITC decided to lower both the prices and the size of Bristol, making it even more accessible to budget-conscious consumers.

Bristol Cigarette Price:

INR 65

Minor ITC Cigarette Brands:

ITC also either owns, manufactures, and markets three other lesser-known cigarette brands.

ITC Cigarette Brands Price as of 2024
Wills Flake INR 60
Duke INR 65 

International ITC Cigarette Brands:

ITC has made inroads into the US and Middle East markets with a bevy of brands, including: 

Checkers Hi-Val Royale Classic Gold Crest Gold Cut


India’s leading tobacco company, ITC offers a vast portfolio of cigarette brands. Regardless of your taste, budget, or need, ITC cigarette brands have you covered. While we can marvel at ITC’s uncompromising quality standards and vast portfolio, the dangers of smoking cannot be ignored. With or without nicotine, any smoke is harmful, costing money, health, and, eventually, life. As an ex-smoker, I urge you to stay away from smoking and reclaim life before its too late.