Sheer Extravagance: Most Expensive Cigarette in India Revealed

India's Most Expensive Cigarette


Imagine a fancy smoke break where each drag is sheer opulence. That’s what Wills Insignia, the most expensive cigarette in India can do to your experience, change it dramatically. It is a smoker’s delight but a killer nonetheless. 

There’s something about cigarettes. They are a killer, taking a toll of 8 million people a year. That’s not me saying this but the World Health Organization. Yet, their charm and popularity are indisputable with around 5.2 trillion cigarettes being consumed globally in 2020. Ironically, cigarettes, on the one hand, contribute to the economy, and on the other, burden it like no other. Even though they are a personal choice, governments ensure that fewer people fall prey.  

That said, not all cigarettes are created equal. Some types of cigarettes stand out for their quality, flavor, and price. Ever wondered what are the expensive cigarette brands in India? Or, who’s puffing away on these luxe sticks? Why do they come with such a hefty price tag? Read on to uncover all this and more with an ex-smoker as your guide. 

What Makes Expensive Cigarette In India Expensive?

Before diving into the who’s who of luxury smoking, let’s first learn what makes expensive cigarettes expensive. Read on for purely experiential insights.

1. Premium Tobacco Blends:

There’s nothing ordinary about the most expensive cigarette brands in India. Take, for instance, the carefully curated tobacco blends that offer exceptional flavor profiles.

2. Crafted to Perfection:

These fancy cigarettes don’t settle for ordinary manufacturing processes. From tobacco cultivation to production and packaging, expensive cigarette brands go the extra mile at each step. So, you get unparalleled quality and an exclusive, opulent touch.

3. Dressed to Impress:

Presentation matters, especially when catering to consumers with a refined taste. A typical expensive cigarette in India comes in sophisticated packaging that’s nothing short of a work of art. Luxurious boxes, ornate filters – it’s all about a style statement.

4. Brand Power:

The most expensive cigarette in India is not just about the blends. Instead, it is as much about the name. Expensive cigarette brands carry a legacy – be it a rich history or a connection with luxury. Simply put, the brand is a status symbol and an aspiration.

5. Limited Edition Vibes:

Scarce things are more desirable. By that token, brands release expensive cigarettes in limited quantities to create an air of exclusivity around them. Boy, that works! 

6. Taxing Matters:

Taxes are a fact of life, be it an individual or an expensive cigarette in India. These taxes push their production costs, which are always higher than ordinary cigarettes.  

Most Expensive Cigarette In India with Price 

Now that the nitty-gritty is over, let’s spill the beans on the most costly cigarette in India.

Wills Insignia:

In March 2003, ITC unleashed Wills Insignia as its luxury image brand. Priced at INR 100 for a pack of 20, it was the most expensive cigarette brand back then. Currently priced at INR 700 for a pack of 20, the brand retains its status to this day. With Insignia, ITC had two things in mind. One, target the discerning and affluent smokers. Two, counter Marlboro, Sobranie, and other high-end global brands available in the grey market. Interestingly, Marlboro made its India debut in the same year. Thereon, Insignia went on to become one of the leading ITC cigarette brands.     

Why is Insignia India’s most Expensive Cigarette? 

Typically, an expensive cigarette has to offer unique flavors, fancy packaging, and brand value. Wills Insignia ticks all the boxes to be the most costly cigarette in India.  

  • Taste: An Ex-Smoker’s Take

Insignia is a smooth operator with a velvety soft feel. Just take a drag and you’ll realize what I mean. A curated blend of the finest tobacco and an elaborate flavor profile will leave you clamoring for more. From filling value, texture, and porosity to hygroscopicity, combustibility, and Nitrogen/Nicotine Ratio, everything about its tobacco is just fine. It isn’t harsh or sharp yet delivers a perfect hit. The robust undertone is just a bonus.

  • Sophisticated Packaging:

Insignia’s hinged-lid packaging stands out for its classy design. It blends premium materials, sophisticated colors, and intricate details for a distinctive look. The overall aesthetic exudes luxury, making Insignia packaging unique and elegant. I remember a friend keeping the empty Insignia pack as a keepsake. How’s that for exclusivity?

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  • Tar and Nicotine Content:

Another redeeming feature of Insignia cigarettes is their low tar and nicotine levels. While it’s pretty common for cigarettes to have 10 to 12 milligrams of nicotine and tar, Insignia keeps nicotine around 0.3 milligrams and tar around 3 milligrams. Mind you, it is the combination of nicotine and tar that makes cigarettes a health hazard and addictive. 

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Insignia Vs Other Expensive Cigarette Brands: Price Comparison

Here is how the most expensive cigarette in India compares to other expensive brands: 

Expensive Cigarette Brands

Price as of Jan 2024

More International Red  INR 690
Dunhill International Gold  INR 680
Dunhill Fine Cut Black INR 635
Mevius Option Purple INR 590
Marlboro Double Mix Switch INR 590
Davidoff White Superslim INR 520
Mild Seven Charcoal INR 490
Camel Turkish Gold INR 480
Davidoff Lights – King Size INR 465
Parliament Night Blue INR 455
American Spirit Yellow INR 455
Baba Khalif Black INR 420
Tonino Lamborghini Yellow INR 400
555 State Express Gold INR 345

Most Costly Cigarette in India: Reviews

Sample some reviews rounded up from across the internet.

It’s Wills Insignia, yes I do agree that they are kinda pricey but they are worth the price. They have nice, rich, and full-bodied flavor but absolutely…

I would say Insignia is no doubt the best MADE-IN-INDIA cigarette available in the Indian market as of now 2016….From its packing to the superior taste to the easy flow and great filter make it the undeniable best Indian cigarette…..

Some of the most popular cigarette brands in India include Insignia, India Kings, Classic, Gold Flake, Navy Cut, Players, Scissors, Capstan, and Marlboro.

The Most Expensive Cigarette in India at a Glance:

  • Price: INR 700 (Pack of 20)
  • Manufacturer: ITC Limited
  • Launch Year: 2003
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Tar Levels: 3 milligrams
  • Nicotine Levels: 0.3 milligrams
  • Length: 69 and 97 millimeters
  • Packaging: Attractive Matte Black
  • Features: Smooth Flow, Excellent taste
  • Target Audience: Corporates & new & affluent smokers
  • Popular Tagline: Where Quality Meets Infinity

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So, that was my take on the most expensive cigarette in India. Even though Insignia costs less than other higher-priced options like London Treasurer and Sobranie, it has been the costliest Made in India brand since its launch in 2003. With Insignia, ITC focuses equally on the product and the overall experience and lifestyle it represents. 

However, in your pursuit of taste and luxury, remember that all cigarettes are a health hazard. Whether it is the most costly cigarette in India or a run-on-the-mill one, cigarettes can cause serious conditions, inconvenient cravings, and even death.    


1. Which is the most expensive cigarette in India?

Available for INR 700 for a pack of 20, Wills Insignia is the most expensive Made-in-India cigarette brand.

2. What’s so special about Wills Insignia?

As an ex-user, I can vouch for Insignia’s great taste, tremendous flavor profile, smooth flow, and full body.

3. Which is the most expensive cigarette in the world? 

Treasurer London, a flagship of a British tobacco brand, The Chancellor Tobacco Company, is the world’s most expensive cigarette. It might cost north of INR 4500.

4. Does Insignia justify its hefty price tag? 

To an extent, yes. Insignia intentionally positions itself as a symbol of sophistication and affluence. The brand’s perceived status as a luxury item contributes to its high cost, appealing to consumers who value the prestige associated with the brand.

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