List Of Cheap Cigarette Brands in India with Price

List of Cheap Cigarette Brands in India with price


Worldlywiser’s “List of Cheap Cigarette Brands in India with Price” is here to keep you informed. We don’t intend to glamorize smoking but to raise awareness. It is just a heads-up on what’s out there while urging you to quit smoking.

The World Health Organization’s Global Adult Tobacco Survey has something shocking to tell. Back in 2016-17, 267 million adults (15 and above) in India – that’s around 29% of all adults – were into tobacco. As a major hazard, tobacco accounts for 1.35 million deaths a year. That’s about 3,699 lives gone daily, or 154 every single hour! Cigarettes are a source of earnings for the government, or are they? When the government gets Rs 100 in excise taxes from tobacco products, it ends up losing Rs 816Despite the lack of reasons to keep selling cigarettes, they persist on the market.

What Cheap Cigarette Brands in India Hide

Cigarette’s Impact on Health in India  Contributes to nearly 1.35 million deaths annually. 

Major risk factor for cancer, lung disease, cardiovascular issues, and stroke.

Prevalence of Tobacco Use in India 267 million adults (15 years and above) use tobacco (29% of all adults)
Economic Costs in India (2017-18)    Total economic costs from tobacco-related diseases for those aged 35 and above: INR 177,341 crore (USD 27.5 billion).

Economic Impact of Tobacco (2017-18): Breakdown 

Tax Revenue (2016-17) 12.2% of economic costs
Contribution by Smoking 74% of total costs
Contribution by Smokeless Tobacco 26% of total costs
Gender Distribution  Men: 91% & Women: 9% of the total economic burden

Why are cheap cigarette brands in India cheap?

Price matters for an overwhelming majority of Indian smokers. For them, it’s not just about puffing away. Rather, it’s about affordability. So, when we talk about smoking habits in India, the majority consider the price before lighting up. That’s where the list of cheap cigarette brands in India kicks in, allowing smokers to enjoy a smoke while keeping their expenses in check. Wonder how the major tobacco brands manage to restrict their prices of these types of cigarettes

1. Not-so-Fancy Tobacco: They usually use lower-quality tobacco. So, if cheap cigarettes lack the flavor and taste of an expensive cigarette, don’t be surprised. Even the cigarette sizes are restricted to restrict prices.

2Cutting Corners in Production: The cheap cigarette brands usually skimp on fancy manufacturing processes and not be as picky about quality control. 

3Basic Packaging: Cheaper materials and no-frills designs keep those packaging costs down.

4. Tax Breaks: Sometimes, lower taxes in certain areas make these cigarettes easier on the wallet.

5. Budget Branding: Some brands aim to be the budget-friendly choice, purposely keeping prices lower to attract folks watching their pennies. Cheaper brands might not also splash as much cash on ads and marketing. 

6. Economies of Scale: Brands that produce cigarettes on a large scale may benefit from economies of scale. The philosophy is simple, produce more to lower production costs per unit.

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List of Cheap Cigarette Brands in India with Price

Now that the nitty-gritty is over, let’s focus on the cheap cigarette brands in India with price and other key details. On the note that the affordability of cheap cigarettes does not diminish the risks associated with smoking, let’s begin. To put things in perspective, the average cigarette price in India is INR 15. Anything below the average is “cheap” for us.

1. Panama:

Priced between INR 40 – 50, Panama leads the list of cheap cigarette brands in India with price. Owned by Golden Tobacco Limited (GTL), Panama offers a strong hit with hints of bitterness. The brand dominated the market for decades and enjoys popularity even today, especially among old-timers and those who favor bold tobacco taste.


INR 40 onwards 

Popular Variants:

Filter Deluxe Filter Premium Mini Kings Special Virginia Regular

2. Cavenders:

Another economical brand, Cavenders costs between INR 40 and 60 for a pack of 10 basic cigarettes. Introduced in 1775 and currently owned by Godfrey Phillips, Cavenders has a rich legacy, good taste, and an India-wide presence. The brand offers a vast product range at different price points to suit different needs, tastes, and budgets.


INR 40 onwards

Popular Variants:

Special Magna Gold Leaf Magnum Filter Gold Smooth Taste Gold Rich Taste

3. Red & White:

Perhaps the first new cigarette brand to be launched in independent India in 1948, Red & White quickly became the market leader alongside Panama. Even though its sales are declining, Red & White continues to enjoy a loyal customer base across India. As per reviews, smokers love the brand’s heritage, strength, smoothness, and bold flavors. With low-cost options like Red & White Striker, it earns a spot in our list of the cheapest cigarette brands in India with price.   


INR 50 (Red & White Striker)


R&W Flake R&W Flake Premium Paan Button Mint Button Striker

4. Wills Navy Cut:

Image Courtesy: Onlykutts

Not just a cigarette brand, Navy Cut has a cult following in India, liked for its smoothness, consistent flavors, and easy draw. The brand also delights price-savvy smokers with low-cost variants like Navy Cut Virginia DSFT (INR 50) and Navy Cut Regular Minty (INR 60). Introduced as ITC’s Wills with a taste-enhancing filter in 1965, Navy Cut was powered by the ‘Made for each other’ campaign, the most loved and longest-running campaign in Indian advertising history.


INR 50 (Navy Cut Virginia DSFT)


Regular Regular Minty Longs Virginia DSFT Regular Fruity

5. Silk Cut:

A British brand currently owned by Japan Tobacco through a subsidiary, Gallaher Group, Silk Cut has been ruling the hearts and lungs since 1964. In India, ITC produces and markets the brand known for its strong tobacco flavors and decent blend. Alongside India, Silk Cut has a strong presence in the UK, the USA, much of Europe, the Caribbean Islands, Hong Kong, and Australia. Besides high-end brands, Silk Cut offers something to price-conscious buyers as well.


INR 50 (Silk Cut Blue)



6. Four Square:

Image Courtesy: ETSY

Four Square, Godfrey Phillips India’s flagship brand, walks into our list of cheap cigarette brands in India. The brand offers a vast product line at different price points but Four Square Special Filter remains its cheapest cigarette, costing INR 55. Known for its “smooth yet energizing taste,” the cigarette brand is available in 19 states across India.  


INR 55 (Four Square Special Filter) 

Popular Variants:

Premium Prince Special Kings Famous
Focus Crush  Stella  Famous Mint Stellar EDGR

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7. Gold Flake Superstar:

Image Courtesy: MyDukan

Gold Flake comes across as one of the world’s leading cigarette brands with a brand value of $3,535 million as of 2017. One of its budget offerings, Gold Flake Superstar is India’s best-selling cigarette in the 65-mm category. A majority of smokers shifted to Superstar once the parent company, ITC, raised Gold Flake Premium’s prices in 2012. Read More…


INR 60

Popular Variants:


8. ITC Wave:

Wave might not be that well-known a brand India-wide but it is certainly one of the cheapest cigarette brands in India. Owned by ITC, the brand offers Wave Boss Smooth Taste at just INR 60, which is at par with Gold Flake Superstar. If you are ready to pay INR 5 more, go for Wave Cool Mint, one of India’s most affordable menthol cigarette brands.


INR 60 (Wave Boss Smooth Taste)


Wave Boss Cool Mint 

9. Bristol:

Bristol is one of the best-selling sub-65 mm cigarette brands of ITC, one of the world’s leading tobacco brands. Smokers fall for Bristol’s strong hit, raw tobacco taste, and, of course, low prices. Priced at INR 65, Bristol rightfully claims a spot among India’s cheap cigarette brands. As a side note, ITC reduced Bristol’s prices and size in 2015.


INR 65

Popular Variants:


10. Capstan:


Another brand with a pedigree, Capstan was introduced by W.D. & H.O. Wills in 1894 and remained popular for quite a while. Currently, Imperial Brands owns the cigarette brand while ITC manufactures and markets it in India. Available for INR 72, Capstan is easy on the pocket. On the downside, it lacks variants and isn’t easily accessible everywhere.   


INR 72



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Cheap Cigarette Brands in India: Takeaways

So, that was my list of cheap cigarette brands in India with price. However, let’s put a disclaimer: the prices are subject to change and may vary from region to region and even vendor to vendor. Pricing matters when it comes to shaping the smoking habits of many individuals. Since they come cheap, almost everyone can afford them, even cash-crunched teenagers. That makes these cheap cigarette brands a threat to public health and a tool for youth initiation.

No matter the brand or the price tag, smoking leads to chronic diseases and, ultimately, a significant number of deaths. It’s a tough habit to break, but the benefits of quitting extend far beyond financial savings. Trust me, it is like reclaiming life and keeping people around you safe too. Feel free to seek professional help before it’s too late.


1. What are India’s cheapest cigarette brands?

Panama, priced at INR 40, is hands down the cheapest cigarette in India as of January 2024. The list of other cheap cigarette brands in India includes prominent players like Cavenders, Red & White, Navy Cut, Silk Cut, Four Square, and more.

2. Why are cheap cigarette brands cheap?

Brands usually cut corners on tobacco quality, manufacturing processes, marketing, and other aspects to restrict prices.

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