The Best Slim Cigarette Brands That Turn Heads

Slim Cigarette Brands


Slim is in. While overall cigarette sales are dipping, slim cigarettes continue to gain traction. As per Euromonitor Passport, the slim cigarette market share almost doubled (from 3.7% to 6%) between 2006 and 2012. The trajectory continues to this day. Smokers, especially females, often fall for their slender, sophisticated looks and the false sense of empowerment they deliver. The perception that these skinny smokes are a safer alternative to regular ones also pushes their popularity. When it’s about a product, how can we forget the brands? The slim cigarette brands create the need through clever, targeted marketing, then fulfill it. In doing so, they kill their best customers. Ironical, isn’t it? 

Slim Cigarette Brands: Marketing Strategies

Tobacco brands often use a set of ploys to engage smokers, push sales, and stay profitable. 

Strategy Description
Targeting young adults, especially women Brands promote the perception that slim cigarettes are a fashionable choice among young adults, particularly women
Promoting the idea of reduced harm Campaigns promote the notion that slims are less harmful and more socially acceptable alternative to regular smokes
Innovative Flavors and Packaging  Cigarette brands introduce innovative flavors and unique packaging designs to make their offering attractive to younger smokers.
Expansion in emerging economies Brands aim to expand their market in emerging economies with high smoking rates and lax regulations to push their sales.
Mergers and acquisitions Companies merge and acquire to consolidate their position in the market, solidify their distribution network, and increase market share

Before we dive into the list of the best slim cigarette brands, let’s explore what these types of cigarettes are all about.  

Slim Cigarettes Explained:

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Slim cigarettes are exactly what they mean, a slimmer version of the good old cigarette. While a conventional cigarette measures 7.5 to 8.0 mm in diameter and 23.6 to 25.1 mm in circumference, slims come with a 5-6 mm diameter and a 15.7-18.8 mm circumference. Ranging from 100 to 120 mm, their length exceeds that of the regular cigarette sizes. The tar and nicotine levels depend on the brand, but they are lower than conventional ones. Read More…

Best Slim Cigarette Brands: Ranked with Prices

Let’s now discuss the brands that rule the hearts, and, in this case, the lungs as well. We combed through official brand websites, online forums, and social media, and engaged with smokers. Upon careful consideration of brand reputation and user experiences, we curated an evidence-based, authentic list of the top-rated thin cigarette brands in India.

Slim Cigarette Brands: What We Factored In?

Brand Reputation Product Quality Flavor Varieties Packaging Designs User Experiences

1. Virginia Slims

  • Owner: Altria
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Producer: Philip Morris International
  • Introduced: July 22, 1968; 55 years ago

“You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!” The jingle aptly captures the essence of Virginia Slims, perhaps the first and inarguably the best slim cigarette brand. Launched in 1968, it experienced steady market growth until 1978, reaching a peak of 3.1% market share (around 7% of female smokers) in 1989. However, its market share dipped to 2.4% by 2003 and 1.8% in 2009. Yet, Virginia Slims maintains high brand loyalty, thanks to its overall quality, heritage, and fine taste. Virginia Slims’ sophisticated looks and targeted marketing campaigns make it one of the top female cigarette brands

Virginia Slims Variants:

100’S Regular 120’s Menthol Silver Super Slims Red
Super Slims Menthol 100’s Gold 100’s Silver


The Gold Lights 100s and 120s are “super smooth and won’t make your throat feel irritated after.

Virginia Slims Price:

Starting at $12.04

2. Marlboro Slim Cigarette

  • Owner: Altria
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Producer: Philip Morris International
  • Introduced: 19245; 100 years ago

Affluent urban smokers fall for the rich, smooth taste of Marlboro, the world’s leading cigarette brand with a market share of 43%. The brand also offers a small Marlboro slim cigarette range targeted at style-savvy smokers seeking low tar and low nicotine options. The Marlboro slim cigarette offers a rich, satisfying flavor and a good draw and burn. 

One of the best slim cigarette brands, Marlboro Gold Touch offers a soft, subtle aroma, and a new sensation in flavor. Just crush the Marlboro Micro Slim Ice Blast’s menthol capsule and experience a refreshing blast of menthol. Likewise, Marlboro Micro Less Smell is a toned-down version of Marlboro Reds with sleek looks, and less tar and nicotine.

Marlboro Slim Cigarette Brands in India:

Gold Touch Micro Slim Ice Blast Micro Less Smell


Incredibly strong menthol. Probably one of the strongest (at least by Marlboro). I like them but they make my throat hurt since they’re so strong.

Marlboro Slim Cigarette Price in India:

INR 420

3. Davidoff Slims

  • Owner: Imperial Brands
  • Country of Origin: Switzerland
  • Introduced: 1967; 57 years ago 

When it comes to luxury cigarette brands, it is hard to look beyond Davidoff. With just a handful of skinny variants in regular and menthol flavors, it is one of the best slim cigarette brands in India. Indian smokers might not be able to access Davidoff Slims Sky Blue and Davidoff Slims Yellow Label as they are sold primarily across Eastern Europe, Spain, and North Africa. However, they can compensate for that with the Davidoff Classic Slim, a contemporary variant with a medium flavor profile that offers grassy notes, hints of cinnamon, earthy undertones, and a touch of spice. This high-quality smoke offers an easy draw, proves non-irritating, and boasts a fantastic aroma and great mouthfeel.

Davidoff Slim Cigarette Brands (India):

Davidoff Classic Slim Davidoff White Slim


A fantastic cigarette on all accounts, i.e. taste, flavor, amount of smoke, and size. A quality cigarette. Easy to draw, non-irritating, and has a truly fantastic aroma.

Davidoff Slim Price in India:

INR 455

4. Classic Connect Slim Cigarette

Image Courtesy: Reddit

  • OwnerITC
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Introduced: 2016; 8 years ago

ITC Classic Connect Slim Cigarette comes from the house of ITC Limited, India’s leading tobacco company and the maker of Yippee Noodles, Yippee Pasta, Ashirwad Rice, Dark Fantasy, and other market-leading products in the FMCG category. This popular variant of ITC’s best-selling brand Classic offers an easy draw, low smell, and rich, smooth taste. The Classic Connect Slim Cigarette is available online in a pack of 5, costing ₹1,499. Click here for ITC Cigarette Brands.

Classic Connect Slim Cigarette in India Variants:



Very good of a cigarette overall, including taste.

Classic Connect Slim Cigarette Price in India:

INR 300

5. Pine SuperSlims

  • OwnerKT&G
  • Country of Origin: South Korea
  • Introduced: 1992; 32 years ago 

Stretching 84mm, Pine SuperSlims are a rage among young Indians, especially girls taking up smoking. The reason? Well, they are as smooth as cigarettes can get with low tar (6.5mg) and nicotine (0.7mg) content. The acetate filter compliments the fine tobacco blend to elevate your smoking experience, a hallmark of one of the top thin cigarette brands. Pine Slim cigarette is a flagship of KT&G, the top South Korean tobacco company with annual sales of US$4 billion. KT&G’s other brands include The One, Indigo, Arirang, This, This Plus, Zest, Esse, Raison, and Lo Crux.

Pine SuperSlims Variants:



The ones I like are Pine and Esse Gold Leaf. They’re available everywhere in India…

Pine Super Slim Cigarette Price in India:

INR 350

6. Mond Superslims:

Image Courtesy: Reddit 

  • Owner: Gulbahar Tobacco
  • Country of Origin: Dubai, UAE
  • Introduced: 1997; 27 years ago 

Gulbahar Tobacco’s flagship, Mond burst onto the scene in 1997 in Dubai and quickly emerged as one of the best slim cigarette brands in India. Though the brand isn’t specifically marketed toward women, it has caught the attention of female smokers and those looking to cut down on smoking. Mond Slim cigarette is easy on the pocket and comes in a variety of flavors to suit different needs and tastes. You’ll love their silky smoothness, great flavor, and minimal tar (5 mg), and nicotine (0.4 mg) delivery. Plus, the brand is easily available across India’s every nook and cranny.    

Mond Slim Cigarette Brands in India:

Lemon Mint Chocolate Gum Mint Paan Dual Burst Grape Dual Burst Gum Mint


Not a strawberry fan. But, I like that they don’t taste/smell too bad. Super slims have very little nicotine anyway. I would suggest for a beginner or someone who is trying to cut down.

Mond Slim Cigarette Price in India:

Starts from INR 249

7. Capri Slims

Image Courtesy: Stanford

  • Owner: R. J. Reynolds
  • Country of Origin: the US
  • Introduced: 1956; 68 years ago

Capri is an all-out female cigarette brand with a pedigree and strong brand loyalty. Owned by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Capri has been one of the established thin cigarette brands since 1956, liked for its refreshing taste and complex flavors. However, in 1987, they decided to give the brand a makeover, turning it into the world’s first super slim cigarette. The goal? To take on other popular slim cigarettes back then, like Virginia Slims. Available in regular and menthol light flavors in 30+ countries, Capri slim cigarettes are as thin as cigarettes can be, and long. typically 100mm. They come in decorative packaging and several menthol and fruit flavors to support different needs and tastes. 

Capri Slim Cigarette Brands:

Magenta 120 Magenta 100 Menthol Indigo 120 Menthol Indigo 100


They are very delicious!!! I love the taste. Stronger than you would think in such a slim 120, but tastes very good. The added long thin elegant look is just a bonus…

Capri Price:

$16.69 onwards

8. Vogue Slims

  • Owner: British American Tobacco
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Introduced: 1955; 69 years ago

Vogue, now under British American Tobacco, started its journey in 1955 through a collaboration between British American Tobacco and Rothmans International. Targeting the female audience, Vogue introduced “Vogue Superslims” and “Vogue Superslims Menthol” in 1987, followed by the Vogue Arome line in 2005. Although Arome had a brief stint in the European market until 2006, it made a comeback in March 2007 with “Vogue Blanche” and “Vogue Noire.” The brand underwent an image makeover in 2007 and continues to be one of the top slim cigarette brands in India.

Vogue Slim Cigarette Brands:

Compact Blue Essence Blue Aimer Chic Night Chic Rockstar


I just tried one of the Lilas, they’re very smooth and so chic.

Vogue Cigarette Prices:


9. EVE Slim Cigarette

Image Courtesy: Stanford

  • Owner: Liggett Group
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Introduced: 1971; 53 years ago

Launched in 1971 by Ligget Group, EVE walks into any list of thin cigarette brands even though its market presence is as slim as its cigarettes. EVE stands out for its distinctive design that oozes sophistication. Packaged in a designer box and available in four styles and regular and menthol flavors, these smokes ensure a satisfying experience with a subtle aroma and aftertaste. The menthols are smooth and refreshing with a noticeable but not overpowering mint flavor.

EVE Slim Cigarette Brands:

Aromatic Blend Amethyst  Sapphire Menthol Emerald  Menthol Turquoise 


If I had to summarize Eve Turquoise in a cute little rhyming slogan, it’d be – nice and clean, not enough nicotine!

EVE Prices:

$12 onwards


So, those were the top 10 slim cigarette brands, handpicked for their quality, taste, prices, and other factors that matter. The lure of these thin cigarette brands in India is irresistible, but they are as big a health hazard as their regular counterparts. Despite their claims of less tar and nicotine, slim cigarettes expose you to cancers and diseases of the heart, lungs, brain, mouth, and more. Remember, your life is more precious than those momentary cravings to light up.


1. What are the best slim cigarette brands in India?

While global favorites like Vogue, Virginia Slims, Capri, and EVE might not be easily available in India, Indian smokers gravitate toward Marlboro Slim Cigarette, Davidoff Slims, Mond Slim cigarette, Classic Connect Slim Cigarette, and the likes.

2. What is the difference between slim cigarettes and super slim cigarettes?

Diameter & Length:
  • Slims: 7mm to 8mm diameter, 70mm to 85mm length.
  • Super Slims: 5mm to 6.5mm diameter, 100mm to 110mm length.
Target Consumers:
  • Slims: Marketed for weight-conscious female smokers but appealing to wider audiences.
  • Super Slims: Positioned as ultrathin and chic, catering to fashion-conscious young women.
  • Slims: Commonly offered by major tobacco brands across markets.
  • Super Slims: Limited availability, with a focus mainly as an extension of slim cigarette ranges.

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