Most Expensive Chewing Gum: What You Need to Know

Most Expensive Chewing Gum


Indulge in the glamour of JAWPEER, the world’s most expensive chewing gum. But what does it taste like, how much does it cost, what makes it special, and does it live up to its price tag? While at it, we walk you through other upmarket options that rival JAWPEER for opulence and price. But first, why are expensive chewing gums expensive? 

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Why is the most expensive chewing gum so expensive?

So, why exactly does chewing gum with a hefty price tag exist? Well, it’s all about the bells and whistles. 

  • Vintage Rarity:

Remember those packs of gum from way back when? Well, unopened ones from decades ago can be like gold dust for collectors. These rare finds, discontinued or limited editions, can fetch top dollar at auctions. 

  • Bling Bling Factor

Some chewing gums take indulgence to a new level by incorporating premium ingredients like edible gold, diamonds, saffron, truffles, or aged spirits. These luxurious additions drive up the production costs and the price tags.

  • Exclusivity:

Luxury gum brands keep things exclusive with limited editions, fancy flavors, and packaging that screams “luxury”. Rather than churning out tons of gum like everyday brands, they make just a few and make them extra special.

  • Brand Prestige

Luxury gum brands earn their status through fancy packaging, special distribution channels, and smart marketing strategies. People are willing to pay more for brands seen as top-notch in quality and status.

  • Packaging and Presentation:

It’s pure luxury. You’re not just buying gum; you’re investing in an experience. The attention to detail in packaging design adds to the overall luxurious experience and makes them perfect for gifts or just treating yourself.

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World’s Most Expensive Chewing Gum Brands

Prepare to explore some jaw-droppingly pricey gums that redefine indulgence and luxury. From gold-infused flavors to rare ingredients sourced from exotic corners of the globe, these gums give you a sumptuous flavor experience. It’s like chewing on a piece of luxury. So, grab a seat and prepare to satisfy your curiosity (and maybe your sweet tooth too)!


  • Price: $30 (₹2500) for a pack of 6 Chew Peer Large Set ($5/piece)

Make way for the world’s most expensive chewing gum brand, Jawpeer Chew Peer. In 2022, JAWPEER’s biggest elastic chewing gum hit the market as the priciest option replacing Mastika Gold. A pack of six CHEW PEER LARGE sets you back $30, making each piece worth $5. Guess what? It’s an elastic chewing gum, designed for facial training and mind stimulation. Since it’s reusable, one Chewpeer swaps out 50 plastic gums. That makes it affordable in the long term.

  • Ingredients:

At the heart of Chew Peer is food-grade, independently-tested Silicone. Jawpeer doesn’t disclose all its ingredients but assures they’re eco-friendly and healthy. The ingredients make the chewing gum 10x harder than your average chew.

  • Taste and Texture:

Jawpeer gum has an elastic vibe, keeping its shape and firmness no matter how much you chew. It’s super flexible and won’t go stiff or sticky on you between chews. As for taste, sadly it’s pretty neutral, devoid of any overpowering flavors.

  • Health Benefits:

Chew Peer’s extra hardness makes it perfect for jaw training. So, you may end up with chiseled jaws, fewer wrinkles, and a fresh face. Plus, muscle training boosts brain blood flow, reduces stress, and increases focus and alertness. Dip it in a Vitamin C solution before chewing to fend off coughs, colds, and minor throat issues. At least, the patent says so!

  • Packaging:

JAWPEER bucks the trend with its simple packaging. Flashy designs or luxurious presentations give way to a modest grey box with 6 pieces. The brand focuses on functionality and eco-friendliness rather than extravagant aesthetics.

2. Mastika Gold

  • Price: $100 (₹ 8,344) for a pack of 4 Tins of 24 Pieces (96 Pieces)

If you’re up for splurging, looking beyond Mastika Gold is hard. Prepare to shell out $100 for a pack of 4 tins of 24 pieces. You’ll spend around $1.1 per stick to treat yourself to the finer things in life. As the 2nd most expensive chewing gum, it’s the ultimate status symbol for those who want to flaunt their wealth, even with everyday items like gum.

MASTIKA GUM CO. debuted in 2015 as the world’s first uncoated, sugar-free, and aspartame-free chewing gum with the goodness of natural premium mastic. It’s not only favored by royals but has also won the Innovation Award for Best Hard & Soft Candy by Yummex – Gulfood in Dubai. That speaks for its exceptional quality standards. 

  • Ingredients

It’s like chewing on a piece of sophistication infused with the sparkle of 22-carat gold, acquired from an Italian gold producer with a legacy dating back to 1600 A.D. Sourced from Greece, the mastic (Pistacia lentiscus) used is also 100% natural. Since growing and harvesting mastic is quite a task, it is precious.

  • Taste and Texture

Mastika Gold Gum is like a taste of luxury straight from nature. Its flavor blends floral sweetness with hints of citrus and pine, thanks to 100% natural mastic. Guess what? The flavor is lasting enough to offer an hour of pure indulgence. The subtle crunch from the 22-carat gold foil adds extravagance to every chew.

  • Health Benefits

The chewing gum’s got some health perks too. It’s gluten-free, sugar-free, and aspartame-free. That makes it ideal for those with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, wheat allergies, and diabetes. Lack of aspartame means less risk of certain cancers, preterm delivery, and kidney and liver toxicity. Plus, it’s said to be easy on the teeth and help with nausea.

  • Packaging:

Oh, it’s a sight to behold. You get four classy tins in golden hues with immaculate black engraving, each with 24 pieces. That’s a total of 96 pieces of pure indulgence in a classy black box. It’s ideal for gifting or as a keepsake.  

3. Mastika Mastic Flavor 

  • Price: $80 (₹ 6,678) for a pack of 12 Tins of 12 Pieces (144 Pieces)

Mastika Gum Co. reinstates its status as the world’s most expensive chewing gum brand with another premium offering, Mastika Mastic Flavor Gum. A pack of 12 tins of 12 pieces each will put you back by $80, (roughly INR 6678). That’s about 0.56 dollars per piece. Since its inception in 2015, this chewing gum has garnered widespread popularity among high-net-worth individuals, members of royalty, and maybe some leading cricketers. Read More…

  • Ingredients

Obtained by making tiny incisions in the tree bark, the 100% natural resin is the heart and soul of Mastika Gum. Forget sugar and artificial sweeteners; the gum keeps it simple with just the finest gum base and natural mastic flavor.

  • Taste and Texture:

Mastika Gum offers a unique musky yet light flavor, with hints of herbal, flowery notes blended with cedar, pine, incense, and anise aromas. The flavor lingers on your palate for over an hour, releasing refreshing elements reminiscent of juniper, lemon zest, and anise.

  • Health Benefits: 

Rich in antioxidants, this gum helps improve digestion, oral health, and even liver health. Plus, its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds may ease digestive discomfort associated with gut inflammation and irritation. Like the Gold version, it is halal and free of gluten, sugar, and aspartame to guarantee a guilt-free chewing experience. 

  • Packaging:

Mastika Gum comes in luxurious oriental pop packaging that screams sophistication. The classy white tin box, adorned with embossed golden arabesques, seamlessly merges timeless traditional aesthetics with a touch of modern flair.

4. Jawliner Fitness 

  • Price: $133 (₹ 11,100) for a 12-month Supply (₹ 10,833.33/per kg)

Looking to sculpt your jawline? Meet Jawliner Fitness, among the most expensive chewing gum brands in the world. A 12-month supply of this gum costs $133, equivalent to ₹11,100, or about ₹10,833.33 per kilogram. A German startup (MEG UG) from Bavaria rolled out a jawline exercise tool, JAWLINER 1.0, in 2020, followed by a jawline exercise chewing gum a year later. The upgraded JAWLINER Fitness Chewing Gum hit the market on February 4, 2023, as vegan, sugar-free, and aspartame-free mint-flavored chewing gum. It quickly struck a chord with those seeking a chiseled jawline. 

  • Ingredients

The chewing gum packs a punch with carefully-sourced ingredients. Think Gumbase, and sweeteners like maltitol E965, alongside flavorings, gum arabic E414, carnauba wax E903, anti-caking agent: talc E553b, and glycerol E42214.

  • Taste and Texture:

Jawliner Fitness gum offers strong, refreshing, and long-lasting flavors like mint, blueberry ice, and ginger lime. Plus, it’s super tough – 15 times harder than regular gum, 6 times harder than Turkish gum, and 4 times harder than mastic resin. This unique texture makes it the world’s hardest chewing gum, perfect for jawline training.

  • Health Benefits:

It is your ticket to a toned and tightened face, neck, and jawline, thanks to its specially designed formula that targets over 57 muscles. So, chew away for a more defined jawline and fresher breath, minus the sugar and aspartame worries.

  • Packaging:

Depending on your needs, you can get the gum in various packages, from a 2-month supply to a year’s worth. The 6-month supply is the top choice, giving you time to test the results. 

5. Simply Gum

  • Price: $14.99 (₹1250) for a pack of 6 flavors with 15 pieces each (total of 90 pieces)

This might not be the most expensive chewing gum in the world but it is one of the most popular options out there. Founder Caron, started Simply Gum in 2014 as a natural confections brand upon discovering that most chewing gums contain synthetic plastic. Using tree sap (chicle), she introduced an all-natural gum to NYC stores. Today, Simply Gum offers natural, non-GMO, vegan, and kosher products, including gum, mints, chocolate date bars, and fruit bites.

  • Ingredients:

Simply Gum’s ingredients are like a wholesome recipe. Think natural chicle base for elasticity, organic raw cane sugar juice for sweetness, organic glycerin for moisture, organic rice flour for texture, and natural flavors from essential oils for taste.

  • Taste and Textures:

Regarding taste and texture, Simply Gum takes things back to basics. Forget overpowering artificial flavors; this gum keeps it subtle and soft. Handcrafted in their NYC factory, each piece is a unique little treat in flavors like Peppermint, Cinnamon, Coffee, Ginger, Maple, and Fennel. If you don’t like the taste, feel free to ask for a refund. 

  • Health Benefits:

Plus, it’s a win for your health too. It’s a safer and tastier option with no artificial flavors, preservatives, or synthetics. And with all-natural, non-GMO, vegan, and kosher ingredients, you can chew away guilt-free.

  • Packaging:

Simply Gum Assorted Pack comes in a pack of 6 flavors with 15 pieces each, accounting for a total of 90 pieces. The packaging is simple yet elegant, which goes well with the brand’s bottom line.

Brand Price  Key Points


$30 (₹2500) for a pack of 6 ($5/piece)

  • Elastic, reusable gum for facial training and mind stimulation
  • Made from food-grade silicone, eco-friendly ingredients
  • 10x harder than regular gum, neutral taste

Mastika Gold

$100 (₹8,344) for a pack of 4 tins (96 pieces)

  • Contains 22-carat gold and natural mastic resin
  • Floral, citrus, and pine flavor with a subtle gold crunch
  • Gluten-free, sugar-free, aspartame-free
Mastika Mastic Flavor $80 (₹6,678) for a pack of 12 tins (144 pieces)
  • Made with 100% natural mastic resin
  • Unique musky flavor with herbal and flowery notes
  • Rich in antioxidants, halal, no gluten, sugar, or aspartame
Jawliner Fitness  $133 (₹11,100) for a 12-month supply
  • Designed for jawline exercise and training
  • World’s hardest chewing gum, 15x harder than regular gum
  • Vegan, sugar-free, and aspartame-free
  • Mint, blueberry ice, and ginger lime flavors
Simply Gum  $14.99 (₹1250) for a pack of 6 flavors (90 pieces)
  • Natural, non-GMO, vegan, and kosher gum
  • Made with chicle tree sap and organic ingredients
  • Subtle flavors like peppermint, cinnamon, and fennel
  • Handcrafted in NYC

World’s Most Expensive Chewing Gum: One-off Offerings

Besides these brands, we have rare, vintage, or limited-edition chewing gums with staggering price tags. They’re unique, exclusive, and often custom-made or part of special promotions or collections. Let’s walk you through them. 

Diamond Encrusted Chewing Gum

  • Price: $14 million decked with 51.18-carat black diamond

Image Courtesy: Macrovector on Freepik

In 2012, a British entrepreneur, Raphael Malek raised a buzz. He claimed to have whipped up something extraordinary: the “world’s most expensive chewing gum.” How’d he do it? By decking out a piece of Hubba Bubba bubble gum with a whopping 51.18-carat black diamond. Can you imagine chewing on that? It was a dazzling creation, valued at a jaw-dropping $14 million. Now that’s what you call chewing in style! However, even the wealthiest may hesitate to buy it. 

Britney Spears Spit Chewing Gum

  • Price: $14,000 (11.67 lakhs)

In 2004, a piece of Britney Spears’ chewed gum sold for a whopping $14,000 on eBay. A regular old piece of gum became a hot commodity because Britney spat it out during a concert. And that’s not even the craziest part—people have paid big bucks for all celebrity items, like bags of air from Kanye West’s concerts and Justin Bieber’s hair clippings. Fans go to lengths to acquire a piece of someone they admire. Interestingly, a seller claims to have Britney Spears’ gum from the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards, complete with her teeth marks, despite her absence from the event.

Goldkenn Chewing Gum

  • Price: $50 (₹ 4000) for a pack of 4 pieces, each costing $12.5

More than just gum, Goldkenn Gold Gum is a collector’s item and a piece of edible art. You need to shell out $50 (₹ 4000) for a pack of 4 pieces, each costing $12.5. Associated with sumptuous chocolates, the Swiss brand launched this gum as a one-off novelty item. Each piece is coated with 24-karat gold leaf and features premium ingredients like cocoa butter, milk powder, and a hint of vanilla. While the gold doesn’t affect the flavor, expect a delicious chocolate and vanilla blend with a satisfying texture. The packaging is a fusion of Swiss chocolate and banking symbolism.

Grand Supercyber Chewing Gum

  • Price: $14 per piece

In 2009, a Taiwanese company called GrandTA Promotions stirred things up with a claim of creating the “world’s most expensive chewing gum,” Grand Supercyber. Each piece costs a hefty $14 and contains lavish ingredients like ginseng and jasmine. However, Grand Supercyber was a one-off offering and a promotional gimmick that worked well.

Chewing Gum  Price  Key Points

Diamond Encrusted Chewing Gum

$14 million

  • Created by British entrepreneur Raphael Malek in 2012
  • Piece of Hubba Bubba bubble gum encrusted with a 51.18-carat black diamond

Britney Spears Spit Chewing Gum 


  • A piece of gum chewed and spit out by Britney Spears during a concert
  • Sold on eBay in 2004, highlighting the value of celebrity memorabilia

Goldkenn Chewing Gum

$50 for 4 pieces ($12.5 each)

  • Coated with 24-karat gold leaf
  • Contains premium ingredients like cocoa butter and vanilla

Grand Supercyber Chewing Gum

$14 per piece

  • Claimed to be the “world’s most expensive chewing gum” in 2009
  • Contained lavish ingredients like ginseng and jasmine


Chewing gum is one of those simple pleasures in life that almost everyone enjoys. But not all chewing gums are created equal. Some are ultra-luxury, made for the elite few. Things get pretty crazy with some over-the-top options that cost a pretty penny. So, that was our take on the most expensive chewing gum options that redefine indulgence and extravagance. Whether they’re a flashy symbol of wealth or a cool collector’s item, each of these fancy gums has its own story. They are not just about the price but the creativity that goes into making them and the joys they bring.  

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  • What is the most expensive chewing gum in the world price?

The world’s most expensive chewing gum price is $30 (₹2500) for a pack of 6 Chew Peer Large Set, equating to $5 per piece.

  • What makes expensive chewing gum expensive?

Chewing gum can become expensive due to factors like rarity, premium ingredients, unique production processes, and luxury branding.

  • Do expensive chewing gums offer any health benefits?

While some claim to offer health benefits like improved oral hygiene or stress relief, it’s essential to scrutinize these claims and consult with a healthcare professional.

  • Are there any collector’s editions of chewing gum?

Yes, some chewing gums are produced in limited quantities or as special editions, making them highly sought after by collectors.

  • Why do people buy expensive chewing gum?

People may purchase expensive chewing gum for reasons like novelty, status, or as a luxury indulgence.

  • What is the most expensive piece of chewing gum ever made?

The most expensive piece of chewing gum ever created was reportedly encrusted with a black diamond and valued at $14 million.

  • Is expensive chewing gum worth the price?

Whether expensive chewing gum is worth the price depends on individual preferences, budget, and perceived value.

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