The Best Toffee Brands in India: What People Search

Toffee brands in India


It’s hard to resist the lure of toffee. It’s sweet, crunchy, and delectable – an absolute mood-changer. Savor it as it is in between meals or use it to whip up a dessert, it always hits the sweet spot. Thanks to the toffee brands in India, toffee is cheaply available in multiple options for all age groups and tastes. Let’s explore the top Indian toffee brands, one at a time. But before that, a short note on what is toffee to promote a deeper understanding needed for wise decisions.

What is Toffee?

Toffee is a type of candy, but it’s far from ordinary. Its rich flavor and distinctive texture set it apart from typical candies. Imagine biting into something sweet, crispy, and soft – that’s toffee for you. Toffee brands whip it up by cooking sugar and butter to the hard crack stage. The outcome is a dense, chewy texture that becomes firm and brittle when cooled. With every bite, expect a smooth mouthfeel, shiny texture, and complex sweetness that may bring back memories of happy moments. Everywhere and for everyone, toffee is a timeless treat enjoyed as it is or with desserts. Read More…

Top Toffee Brands in India: What People Search Online (as of March 2024)

Your hunt for the top Indian toffee brands ends with our comprehensive list based on online searches. Online searches are a window into the popularity of toffee brands. They offer a direct line to what people are buzzing about, helping us uncover the best with just a few clicks. If a brand is getting tons of hits and searches, you know it’s got to be good.

1. Parle Kismi:

Online Searches: 4.6K

  • Kiss Me Toffee: 3.3K
  • Kismi Toffee: 1.3K

Make way for one of the iconic toffee brands in India we all have grown up munching. It’s a perfect balance of buttery goodness, and elaichi (cardamom) and caramel flavors. Kismi has been around since the 1960s, often misspelled as Kiss Me Toffee. Wrapped in white and red, the toffee is subtly sweet, with a fine mouthfeel, and comes in multiple flavors. Besides the staggering 4.6K monthly searches, even its jingle attracts searches like “Kiss Me Close Your Eyes lyrics in English” (2.2K), “Kiss Me song lyrics” (1.6K), and “Kiss Me Close Your Eyes song lyrics” (900). How’s that for popularity?

Texture, Taste & Ingredients:

Texture Chewy and slightly sticky
Elaichi The dominant flavor, elaichi adds a warm and aromatic note
Caramel The sweet and rich caramel flavor complements the elaichi
Ingredients ‎Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Refined Palm Oil, Milk Solids, Iodised Salt, Emulsifiers, Cardamom, Milk & Soy 

Parle Kismi Flavors:

Original Kismi The classic elaichi-caramel combination
Kismi Kulfi Inspired by the Indian frozen dessert, with hints of kulfi flavor
Kismi Rajbhog Rajbhog-inspired toffee with a mix of nutty and saffron flavors
Kismi Rose Milk Infused with the essence of rose, offering a floral twist
Kismi Meetha Paan A unique variant resembling the traditional Indian betel leaf paan
Kismi Elaichi  Caramel infused with cardamom flavor 

Other Details:

Price: INR 2 per piece  Specialty: Vegetarian 
Calories: 416 calories in 100 g  Calorie Breakdown: 20% fat, 78% carbs, and 2% proteins

2. Alpenliebe Toffee

Online Searches: 3.2K

Alpenliebe, a European caramel candy by Perfetti Van Melle, debuted in India in 1995. Since then, it’s been winning over hearts with its irresistible caramelly goodness, unique taste, and indulgent experience. Over the years, Alpenliebe has been mixing things up, offering lollipops, filled caramel candies, liquid-filled fruit candies, and deposited jellies. As of March 2024, Alpenliebe is the world’s fifth-largest toffee producer with takers in 30 countries across the globe.

Texture, Taste & Ingredients:

Taste Sweet and slightly chewy soft caramel outer layer, and a rich, creamy, and indulgent inner filling
Texture   Soft and yielding outer caramel layer, complemented by velvety and creamy inner filling. 
Ingredients Sugar, glucose syrup, hydrogenated milk, whey, maltodextrin, salt, dextrose, whole milk powder, butterfat, emulsifiers 

Alpenliebe Toffee Flavors:

Classic Cream The original flavor with a perfect balance of caramel and cream
Chocolate Cream Combines the sweetness of caramel with a chocolatey center
Strawberry Cream Fruity and creamy, it adds a berry twist to the toffee
Mango Cream A tropical sweet delight with mango-flavored cream
Mango Fillz A chewy outer layer and a raw mango flavor liquid-filled center

Other Details:

Price: INR 1 per piece Specialty: Vegetarian
Calories: 4o5 calories in 100 g Calorie Breakdown: Carbs: 79g, Fat: 6.3g, Protein: 1.4g

3. Pulse Toffee

Online Searches: 3.2K

Pulse Candy hit the scene in 2015, raking in ₹100 crores in sales within just eight months. By 2017, it skyrocketed to ₹300 crores, leaving the top biscuit brands like Oreo in the dust. Add to it 3.2K monthly online searches, Pulse comes across as one of the best toffee brands in India. DS Group, which also owns Rajnigandha Pan Masala spent two years perfecting Pulse’s sweet and tangy taste. Even the wrapper’s slick black and green design was carefully chosen. As a side note, Pulse is a toffee but marketed as candy. Click here for the difference between candy and toffee

Texture, Taste & Ingredients:

Taste Unique and unforgettable: Starts sweet, like raw mango, then hits you with a tangy, salty twist
Texture Hard, crunchy shell outside, soft, tangy core inside. Spice-filled, like Amchoor
Ingredients Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Dextrose, Candy Masala 2% (Salt, Spices, Condiments), Acidity Regulators 

Pulse Candy Flavors:

Kachcha Aam The original and most popular raw mango flavor
Guava A tropical twist with guava flavor
Orange Zesty and refreshing
Pineapple Sweet and tangy, like biting into a ripe pineapple
Litchi Exotic and fruity 

Other Details:

Price: INR 1 per piece Specialty: Vegetarian
Calories: 390 calories in 100 g Calorie Breakdown: 97g of carbs, 0g fat, 0g proteins

4. Melody Toffee

Online Searches: 2.9K

As one of the top Indian toffee brands, Melody Chocolaty has been around since the 1950s. Generations have grown up munching on Melody’s great taste, smooth mouthfeel, and refined texture The outer layer is all rich caramel, giving you that perfect blend of sweet and chewy. Once the caramel melts, a creamy chocolate filling oozes into your mouth. Plus, it’s cheap and easily available across India in 430g pouches, which makes it the best toffee for birthdays.

Texture, Taste & Ingredients:

Taste  A rich caramel outer layer gives way to a creamy chocolate filling
Texture A smooth, chewy caramel shell and the soft, velvety chocolate center  
Ingredients Sugar, liquid glucose, cocoa solids, palm oil, milk solids, iodized salt, emulsifier, and vanilla flavoring 

Melody Toffee Flavors:

Melody Chocolaty A delightful blend of caramel sweetness and smooth chocolate filling
Melody Max Chocolaty A caramel layer outside and a bigger chocolate layer inside

Other Details:

Price: INR 1 per piece Specialty: Vegetarian
Calories:434 calories in 100 g Calorie Breakdown: 2.6 g Protein, 77.1 g Carbs, 12.8 g Fat

5. Parle Kaccha Mango Bite 

Online Searches: 2.5K

Help yourself to Kacha Mango Bite and let the tangy taste of raw mango overpower you. Just like raw mango, the toffee isn’t too sweet, not too sour – just the perfect balance of both. You can’t help but feel that zesty, slightly sour sensation that makes the Kacha Mango Bite so special and refreshing. It’s like a trip down memory lane to those hot summer days of childhood, munching on raw mangoes. It also comes in a bigger variant for those who want more.

Texture, Taste & Ingredients:

Taste Juicy, tangy, and slightly sweet – authentic flavor of raw mangoes
Texture Soft and chewy shell and raw mango-flavored core inside
Ingredients Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Acidity Regulator, Mango Powder, Synthetic Food Colour, and Added Flavour.

Kacha Mango Bite Flavors:

Bigger Kacha Mango Bite Adds more raw mango flavor and weight to Kacha Mango Bite 

Other Details:

Price: INR 1 per piece Specialty: Vegetarian
Calories:386.4 calories in 100 g Calorie Breakdown: 0 g Protein, 03g Carbs, 0g Fat

6. Parle Mango Bite

Online Searches: 1.9K

Whether sharing with friends or treating yourself, Parle Mango Bite brings the delightful flavor of mangoes to every moment. Mango Bite isn’t just any mango candy – it’s India’s first, and one of the most famous toffee brands with a real, juicy taste of mangoes. Pop one in your mouth and you’ll want to enjoy it forever! Take your time, and let the delicious mango flavor linger on your tongue. No wonder, the toffee is popular across all ages, from kids to seniors.

Taste, Texture & Ingredients:

Taste Captures the juicy and sweet flavor of ripe mangoes – sweet with a hint of tanginess
Texture   Soft and chewy shell and creamy mango-flavored core
Ingredients Sugar, Mango Pulp, Edible Fat, Milk Solids, Emulsifiers, Natural Vanilla Flavoring 

Mango Bite Variants:

Bigger Mango Bite The flavor and taste remain the same but with a bigger size

Other Details:

Price: INR 1 per piece Specialty: Vegetarian
Calories:391 calories in 100 g Calorie Breakdown: 0 g Protein, 97.8g Carbs, 0g Fat

7. Maha Lacto Toffee

Online Searches: 1.1K

Once fully owned by Nutrine, Maha Lacto Toffee continues to be one of the best Indian toffee brands with a huge fan base. Interestingly, grown-ups seem to miss the iconic toffee’s classic taste changed by Hershey India Private Limited, which produces and markets it currently. That’s evident by the searches we came across like “Maha Lacto toffee old,” “90’s Maha Lacto toffee,” and “Old Maha Lacto toffee.” Even today, its sweet, creamy flavor can keep you hooked. 

Texture, Taste & Ingredients:

Taste Sweet with a hint of creaminess. Smooth, chewy caramel outer layer with a subtle dairy-flavored filling
Texture Delightful balance: firm yet yielding caramel shell outside, soft and velvety creamy center inside
Ingredients Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Full Cream condensed milk, Milk fat, Malt extract, Salt, Emulsifier

Maha Lacto Toffee Variants:

Classic Maha Lacto  It comes in a single classic flavor. However, Nutrine Eclairs are available

Other Details:

Price: INR 1 per piece, 2.5g Specialty: Vegetarian
Calories:434 Kcalories in 100 g Calorie Breakdown: 2.6 g Protein, 77.1 g Carbs, 12.8 g Fat

8. Mazelo Toffee

Online Searches: 1.0K

Another Parle product, Mazelo makes it to our list of the top toffee brands in India with 1K monthly searches. However, Mazelo chocolate (800), Mazelo (700), Mazelo candy (500), and Parle Mazelo (300) also have significant search volume. Toffee fans fall for Mazelo’s crisp texture and a burst of fruity sweetness. That’s exactly what “Mazelo” means, to “have fun.” Plus, it’s cheap, healthy, and easily available across India in five mouthwatering flavors to suit all tastes. 

Texture, Taste & Ingredients:

Taste Smooth, chewy caramel outer layer with various fruit flavors in the soft inner filling.
Texture  Firm yet yielding caramel shell outside, soft and fruity core inside. Like biting into a juicy piece of fruit!
Ingredients Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Acidity regulator, Synthetic food coloring & Added flavor

Mazelo Toffee Flavors:

Apple Crisp and refreshing apple flavor
Guava Tropical and tangy
Watermelon Sweet and juicy.
Banana A nostalgic flavor reminiscent of childhood
Litchi Exotic and fragrant

Other Details:

Price: INR 1 per piece, 2.5g Specialty: Vegetarian
Calories:386 calories in 100 g Calorie Breakdown: 97.1g Carbs, 0g Proteins, 0g Fat

9. Candyman Toffee

Online Searches: 800

Candyman Toffee is a toffee fan’s delight, available in three options. The company that owns Candyman, ITC is India’s top tobacco and FMCG company. ITC Brand list includes Gold Flake, Yippee Noodles, Sunfeast Pasta, Aashirvad Rice, Classmate, and more. While Candyman toffee could manage 800 searches a month, “Candyman Chocolate” and “Candyman Fantastic” raked in 1.8K and 1.2K respectively. However, the numbers are likely to go up over time. 

1. Candyman Choco Double Eclairs:

Taste Double the chocolatey goodness with chocolate inside and outside
Texture The soft outer shell and  creamy and chocolatey inner filling 
Ingredients Glucose, Sugar, Milk, Vegetable Oils, Cocoa Butter, Salt, and Emulsifiers
Calories 412 Calories total; Fat:10.3g, Protein:2g 

2. Candyman Fruitee Fun:

Taste A rich sweet “milkshake” taste with various fruity flavors
Texture The chewy shell with an inner filling offers vibrant fruit flavors
Ingredients Sugar, glucose syrup, citric acid, artificial flavors, and food colors
Calories Total Calories: 384; Carbs 96g, Sugar 71g, Proteins 0g, Fat 0g
Variants Orange Josh, Pineapple Punch, Wild Banana, and Mango Delight

3. Candyman Toffichoo:

Taste Strawberry flavor with the sweet taste of ripe strawberries 
Texture A satisfying bite with a crunchy shell and a creamy strawberry core
Ingredients Sugar, Glucose, Vegetable Oil, Milk Solids, Flavorings, and Emulsifiers
Calories Total 408 calories; Carbs 91.1g, Sugar 67.7g, Fat 5.1g 

10. Londonderry Toffee

Online Searches: 600

Londonderry Toffee is Parle’s version of Alpenliebe, as tasty and crunchy. Its rich and indulgent taste might feel like enjoying a caramel milkshake in a toffee form. Packed with antioxidants, Londonderry is one of the good toffee brands, perfect for satisfying sugar cravings or adding fun to parties. Alongside Londonderry Toffee’s 600 monthly searches, we also have “Londonderry chocolate” (600), “Londonderry candy” (200), and “Parle Londonderry” (100).

Texture, Taste & Ingredients

Texture   An exotic, creamy blend of milk and caramel flavors.
Taste A delightful balance of a crunchy caramel shell and a creamy center
Ingredients Sugar, Liquid Glucose, Milk Solids (7%), Edible Common Salt, Malt Extract, Emulsifier, Antioxidant 

Londonderry Toffee Flavors:

Grand Londonderry Adds more creamy goodness to the taste of Londonderry

Other Details:

Price: INR 1 per piece, 2.5g Country of Origin: India
Calories:405 calories in 100 g Calorie Breakdown: 92.4g Carbs, 1.4g Proteins, 3.3g Fat


Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the top toffee brands in India based on online searches. Surprising, right? Lesser-known brands like Mahalacto outranking giants like Cadburys. While online searches might not give a complete picture of a toffee brand’s popularity, it is an important indicator nonetheless. And that too, when you lack any credible sales data. The listed Indian toffee brands support your sweet tooth cravings with diverse flavors and packaging sizes.  

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  • Which is the best toffee brand in India?

It depends. For buttery goodness and caramel flavors, choose Kismi. Melody excels as the best chocolaty toffee brand, while Mango Bite reigns supreme as the best mango toffee brand.

  • What flavors do these top Indian toffee brands offer?

These brands offer a range of flavors, including classic caramel, chocolate, fruity variants like mango and strawberry, and unique combinations like caramel with chocolate filling.

  • Are these toffees suitable for all age groups?

Yes, these best toffee brands in India cater to consumers of all age groups, from children to adults with a wide variety of flavors and textures to suit different preferences.

  • Are these toffee brands available nationwide?

Yes. These top toffee brands are widely available across India through various retail outlets, supermarkets, and online platforms.

  • Can I find these toffee brands in different packaging sizes?

Yes, these brands offer their toffees in various packaging sizes, including single packs, family packs, and bulk packs, to accommodate different consumption needs and preferences.

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