Uncovering the Best Fruit Candy Brands

Best Fruit Candy Brands


How about yummy candies made with fruity flavors? These are fruit candies for you. Think of those chewy or hard candies that taste like your favorite fruits – strawberry, orange, cherry, you name it! They’re loved for their sweet and fruity taste, making them a hit with candy fans of every age. On that note, let’s explore the best fruit candy brands. 

But first, a thing or two about fruit candies to help you choose wisely. 

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What is Fruit Candy?

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Broadly, a candy tasting or looking like a fruit is a fruit candy. They can be sweet or sour, or hard, soft or chewy, meant to capture the essence of your favorite fruit. With their bright colors, juicy flavors, and fun textures, you can enjoy them on their own or as ingredients in desserts and decorations. They are little bursts of joy to sweeten any occasion. 

Fruit Candy: Types

Fruit candies come in all shapes and sizes, offering a unique taste and texture. 

  • Gummy Candies

These chewy treats, shaped like bears, worms, or fruit slices, often come coated with a sugary or beeswax layer for extra sweetness. Read More…

  • Jelly Candies:

Similar to gummies but softer, jelly candies are made with fruit juice, sugar, and a gelling agent like pectin. They have a delightful jelly-like texture that melts in your mouth. Read More…

  • Hard Candies

Craving for something solid and crunchy? Hard candies are the way to go. They’re made by cooking sugar and fruit flavors until they reach a brittle texture, resulting in classics like lollipops and fruit drops.

  • Chewy Candies

These candies offer a satisfying soft, chewy texture. The chewy fruit candy brands make them with sugar, fruit purees, and other ingredients. However, don’t mistake them for bubble gums or chewing gums. Chewy candies are meant to be eaten while chewing and bubble gums should be discarded after chewing.

  • Licorice:

While not strictly a fruit candy, licorice often uses fruity flavors and colors. It’s a tasty twist on the classic candy that adds a fruity punch to your snacking experience.

Fruit Candy: Ingredients

Specifications may vary, but fruit candies typically contain a mix of these ingredients:

  • Sweeteners:

Granulated sugar, corn syrup, or sometimes even honey or fruit juice concentrates form the base. 

  • Flavors and Colors

Flavors and colors go into the mix to mimic strawberry, cherry, orange, lemon, grape, and other fruits. 

  • Gelling Agents:

Gelling agents like gelatin, pectin, or agar-agar step in to give them that perfect chewiness or firmness.

  • Acidulants

To give them that zing, a touch of citric acid, malic acid, or other food-grade acids does the trick. 

  • Optional Ingredients

Depending on the candy recipe, you might find emulsifiers, preservatives, or glazing agents added.

Best Fruit Candy Brands:

Now that the nitty-gritty of fruit candies is out of the way, it’s time to uncover the top 10 brands. Worldlywiser.com handpicked them for their quality, variety, taste, texture, price, and other factors that promote informed decisions.  


Skittles, chewy candies made by Wrigley, a division of Mars Inc., boast vibrant colors and a sugar shell with an ‘S’ imprint akin to M&M’s ‘M’. Inside, they feature a sweet blend of sugar, corn syrup, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, fruit juice, citric acid, and a mix of natural and artificial flavors. Skittles are vegetarian-friendly and available in various sizes, from small pouches to larger shareable bags. The slogan, “Taste the rainbow,” captures their vibrant hues and flavors.

  • Taste and Texture:

Skittles deliver a burst of fruity sweetness with each bite. Plus, their hard sugar shell gives way to a chewy center. It’s the best of both worlds — crunchy and soft!

  • Variants and Flavors:

Skittles spoils you for choice with a wide selection in categories like Gummies, Sour, and Chewy. 

  • Original Mix Fruit

Original Skittles give you the classic lineup – lemon, apple, grape, strawberry, and orange – for a fruity explosion in your mouth.

  • Wild Berry

Berry fans, rejoice! Skittles Wild Berry has berry punch, strawberry, melon berry, wild cherry, and raspberry flavors for a “berrylicious” experience.

  • Skittles Tropical

Imagine a tropical getaway in candy form! Skittles Tropical brings you flavors like pineapple, tropical punch, banana berry, kiwi lime, and mango. It is like a journey into sun-kissed beaches and swaying palm trees.


Birthed in the UK in the early 1960s as Opal Fruits, Starbucks has emerged as one of the world’s best chewy fruit candy brands. The brand initially offered four flavors: strawberry, lemon, orange, and lime before extending its product range to Chews, Gummies, Airs, Minis, Swirlers, and Duos in diverse flavors. Starburst fruit candies are juicy, chewy, fruity, and individually wrapped for easy, on-the-go munching. Owned by Wrigleys, Starburst uses real fruit juice for coloring.

  • Taste and Texture:

Starburst candies are your go-to for a chewy, fruity fix, and a lasting mouthfeel. They’re soft, chewy, and packed with real fruit juice for that burst of flavor in every bite!

  • Flavors and Varieties:

Count on Starburst for a stunning variety of flavors and variants. 

  • Very Berry

The variant comes packed with berry goodness in flavors like blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry. 

  • Original Fruits

Savor the classic flavors like blackcurrant, lemon, lime, orange, and strawberry. 

  • Tropical:

Looking for exotic tropical fruit flavors? With mango melon, piña colada, strawberry banana, and cherry kiwi flavors, Starburst has you covered. 

  • FaveREDs:

FaveREDs gather all those juicy red flavors you love—strawberry, fruit punch, watermelon, and cherry—into one convenient pack.

  • Superfruit:

Enjoy sweet treats infused with trendy superfruit flavors like raspberry pomegranate, strawberry starfruit, passionfruit punch, and blueberry açai.

  • Summer Blast:

A seasonal mix for sunny days with an assortment of delicious flavors like strawberry watermelon, cherry cooler, grape slushie, and lemon-lime.

  • Sour

There is something for those craving tangy treats.


Created by August Storck KG, Mamba simply walks into our list of the top Indian fruit candy brands. Mamba offers an impressive range of fruit candies in flavors like strawberry, orange, lemon, raspberry, and cherry. Launched in 1953 in Germany and in the US in 1986, they’re available in packs of 6, 18, or 24 soft chews with randomly selected flavors. In recent years, the brand has reinvented itself with new, unique flavors and variants to support all tastes and needs.

  • Taste and Texture:

Mamba candies are all about that chewy goodness, giving you something satisfying to sink your teeth into.

  • Variants and Flavors:

Mamba doesn’t hold back on flavors either. 

  • Original:

Get ready for a burst of bold fruity goodness with flavors like Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon, and Orange.

  • Sour:

Turn up the tanginess with Sour Lemon, Sour Raspberry, Sour Strawberry, and Sour Orange for a twist on the classic flavors.

  • Tropics:

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with Pineapple-Coconut, Peach-Passionfruit, Apple-Kiwi, and Mango-Orange flavors.

  • Twist Wraps:

Introducing the new twist on your favorites! Enjoy the Original, Sour, and Tropics flavors in convenient twist wrap form.

  • Magic Sticks:

Experience double the flavor with Magic Sticks, offering two fruity delights in one stick!


In 1920s Germany, Hans Riegel Sr. had a sweet idea that would change the candy world forever. He founded Haribo, which stands for “Hans Riegel Bonn”. They hit the jackpot in 1922 with the invention of the world’s first gummy candy: Gummibärchen, or gummy bears. With innovative marketing, strong brand recognition, and adaptability to changing trends, Haribo is one of the top fruit candy brands in India, known for its bustling flavors and quality ingredients. As of 2024, Haribo operates 16 factories in 10 countries with 7,000 employees and is available in 120+ countries.

  • Taste and Texture:  

Haribo fruit candies offer a unique taste and texture, with a firm yet chewy consistency. Each candy boasts a distinct flavor profile, ranging from intense fruitiness to subtle sweetness. For example, the Haribo Goldbear gummies are renowned for their delightful pineapple flavor.

  • Variants and Flavors:

Haribo has a whole lineup of fruity gummies you’ll love sinking your teeth into. 

  • Fruit Starmix

It’s a party in your mouth with bears, rings, fried eggs, heartthrobs, and cola bottles in one bag.

  • Tropifrutti: 

Dive into a tropical paradise with pineapples, toucans, bananas, and palm trees bursting with fruity flavor.

  • Fruit Salad: 

Get ready for a tangy treat with lime, grapefruit, orange, cherry, passionfruit, and lemon shapes dusted with sugar.

  • Mix Fizz Sour Fruit

Want a tangy twist? Try this mix of sour fruit flavors that’ll make your taste buds tingle!


Your hunt for the best German fruit candy brands ends with Trolli. Founded in 1948 by Willy Mederer, Trolli initially produced pasta but switched to confectionery after sugar rationing regulations were lifted. Fast forward to today, and Trolli produces its iconic gummy candies, marshmallows, and licorice gums in 6 international locations and sells them in over 80 countries worldwide. Their secret sauce? Well, Trolli thinks outside the box with its quirky shapes and flavors. Plus, its high-quality ingredients keep fans coming back for more. Even the prices are quite affordable. 

  • Taste and Texture

Trolli fruit candies have a unique soft and fluffy texture, like biting into a little fruity cloud. You can also expect a wide range of flavors, from intense fruitiness to subtle sweetness.

  • Variants and Flavors:

Trolli has a bunch of fruity gummy candies to pick from:

  • Sour Brite Very Berry

Dive into a berry blast with this mix of flavors.

  • Strawberry Puffs

Get a taste of juicy strawberries in these chewy treats.

  • Peachie O’s

Snack on some peachy goodness with these gummy rings.

  • Sour Brite Fruit Punch Crawlers:

Twist and turn with these tangy fruit punch-flavored gummy worms.

Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly has been dishing out its trademark jelly beans for over a century. Based in California and Illinois, the brand offers 100+ true-to-life fruit flavors, like Very Cherry and Watermelon. Their candies pack a punch with real fruit juice flavors inside and out, giving your taste buds a wild ride. They’re soft, chewy, and made with natural ingredients. It’s no wonder they’ve been winning hearts for generations. On the downside, Jelly Belly costs more than your average fruit candy brands.

  • Taste and Texture:

Jelly Belly’s fruit candies are all about that soft, chewy goodness. Think more gumdrops (like Dots) than jelly beans or gummies. They give you a smooth chew, but watch out for a bit of stickiness!

  • Variants and Flavors:

With so many flavors to choose from, Jelly Belly is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!

  • Juicy Pear Jelly Beans:

Get a burst of pear flavor. 

  • Very Cherry Jelly Beans:

Dive into the rich taste of cherry with every bite. 

  • Tutti-Fruitti Jelly Beans:

It’s a fruity fiesta with this mix of flavors.

  • Sunkist® Tangerine Jelly Beans

Get a zesty kick with the tangy taste of tangerine. 

  • Sunkist® Citrus Mix Jelly Beans:

A citrus explosion with a mix of fruity flavors.

  • Fruit Bowl Jelly Beans:

A little bit of everything fruity in one tasty mix. 


Airheads is one of the world’s most beloved toffee brands created by Steve Bruner in 1985. Available in 16 flavors, it’s a hit in the US and Canada. Erlanger, Kentucky-based Perfetti Van Melle, which owns Airheads, has been making candy since 1982. The company owns a 120,000-square-foot factory and around 200 employees dedicated to crafting these tasty chewy treats. You can also find those flavors in mini-size versions, perfect for a quick treat. And keep an eye out for special edition flavors like Superman, SpongeBob, and Spider-Man, which pop up as cool promotions.

  • Taste and Texture

Airheads fruit candies deliver a distinct soft, taffy-like chewy texture that melts in your mouth. And the flavors run the gamut from bold and intense to subtle and sweet.

  • Variants and Flavors

Airheads have a bunch of fruity fun to offer! Here’s the scoop:

  • Original:

These are the classic Airheads in all their flavorful glory, with options like cherry, blue raspberry, grape, orange, watermelon, and the mysterious white flavor.

  • Bites:

These are like little nuggets of Airheads goodness, coated in a candy shell for an extra pop of sweetness.

  • Xtremes:

Prepare for a tangy twist with these fruit rolls that pack a sour punch.

  • Pops:

Take your favorite Airheads flavors on a stick with these lollipops, available in apple, blue raspberry, strawberry, cherry, watermelon, grape, strawberry kiwi, and berry.


One of the best mint candy brands, Lifesavers secures a place in our list for its exciting fruit flavors like wild cherry, pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, and more. Known for classic ring-shaped hard and soft candies, the brand has been around since 1912, thanks to Clarence Crane, a candy whiz from Ohio. Guess what? They’re called Lifesavers because they look just like those life-preserver rings. Owned by Mars, the brand was the first to use transparent packaging.

  • Taste and Texture

LifeSavers fruit candies burst with juicy flavors, each matching its fruit counterpart. With their hard texture, the flavor lasts and lasts.

  • Variants and Flavors:

Life Savers offers a variety of fruit candy flavors. Here are some of them

  • Neon Caramel Gummies:

It packs a punch with sassy berries, orange pop, pink punch, cherry and lime, and electric lemonade flavors. 

  • Candy Gummies Sours:

If you’re in the mood for something sour, the tangy cherry, watermelon, orange, strawberry, and black raspberry flavors are the way to go.

Jolly Rancher

Jolly Rancher, a beloved American candy brand, started in Colorado in the 1950s and is now owned by The Hershey Company. The name? Well, they wanted to give off those friendly Western vibes. The brand began with hard candies but expanded its repertoire to include gummies, jelly beans, lollipops, and sour bites. Jolly Rancher offers a wide array of flavors, including classics like watermelon, apple, and cherry, as well as newer favorites like blue raspberry and grape. With its ability to adapt to changing tastes and introduce new products, Jolly Rancher has remained popular globally.

  • Taste and Texture:

Jolly Ranchers are known for their sweet and tangy flavor, with each candy reflecting its specific fruit variant like cherry or blue raspberry. They have a hard, brittle texture, except for the gummy variant, which is softer and chewier.

  • Variants and Flavors:

Jolly Rancher has a bunch of fruity options to satisfy your cravings:

  • Gummies Sour Awesome Reds:

For those who like a little sour kick, these are perfect with flavors like cherry and watermelon.

  • 2-in-1 Fruity Swirls:

Enjoy a double dose of flavor in each candy with this fun twist.

  • AWESOME TWOSOME Chewy Candy:

Chew on these for a burst of fruity goodness with the original flavors.

  • Zero Sugar Original Flavors: 

If you’re watching your sugar intake, these sugar-free options are still full of flavor.

  • Tropical Hard Candy:

Take a trip to the tropics with these exotic fruit flavors.

  • 2-in-1 Gummies Sour Lemonade:

Get the best of both worlds with these tangy gummies.

How to Choose the Best Fruit Candy Brands for Your Unique Needs?

Choosing the best fruit candy brands in India is about finding what tickles your taste buds. Here are some things to think about:

  • What kind of candy do you crave?

Whether it’s hard, chewy, or jelly-like, there’s a fruit candy out there to match your texture preference.

  • Flavor adventure awaits:

Dive into a world of fruity goodness and discover the perfect balance between sweet and tangy.

  • Do you have dietary restrictions?

No worries! Look out for sugar-free options if you need to cut back on the sweet stuff.

  • Check out those ingredients:

If you’re into all things natural, watch out for candies with real fruit flavors and colors.

  • Brand loyalty:

Some folks swear by their favorite candy brands, so don’t hesitate to stick with what you love.

  • Cultural connections:

Sometimes, a candy can be more than just a sweet treat—it can be a piece of your heritage.

Top Fruit Candy Brands: Takeaways

So, there you have it, candy lovers! We’ve explored the best fruit candy brands, from Lifesavers’ classic sweetness to Skittles’ chewy goodness and Jolly Ranchers’ intense flavors. With their wide range of options, there’s a fruity treat to satisfy every craving. So, next time you need a sweet pick-me-up, reach for one of these top-notch brands and enjoy every fruity bite. Feel free to post your comments in the space provided below. Till next time, happy snacking!

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Best Fruit Candy Brands: FAQs

  • What are the top fruit candy brands in India known for their quality and flavor?

Some of the top brands include Haribo, Jelly Belly, Jolly Rancher, Skittles, Starburst, Trolli, and Life Savers. 

  • Which fruit candy brands offer the widest variety of flavors and textures?

Brands like Jelly Belly and Jolly Rancher are renowned for their wide range of flavors, offering everything from traditional fruit flavors to more exotic options. Additionally, Trolli and Haribo offer a diverse selection of textures, from chewy gummies to soft taffy candies.

  • Do fruit candy brands cater to specific dietary preferences, such as vegan or gluten-free options?

Yes, several fruit candy brands cater to specific dietary preferences. For example, many Jelly Belly flavors are gluten-free and suitable for vegans. Additionally, some Trolli gummies are also vegan-friendly.

  • What factors should I consider when choosing the best fruit candy brand for my preferences?

When choosing the best fruit candy brand for your preferences, consider factors such as flavor variety, texture, dietary restrictions, and personal taste preferences.

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