Insole: Uses, Types & the Best Insole for Shoes  

Insole: All You Need to Know About


Worldlywiser explores everything insole, from what they are and why they matter to tips to choose the right ones for your unique needs. 

If you think shoes are just a fashion statement, think again. 

They keep your feet comfortable and you happy, healthy, and productive. Imagine yourself stepping out in uncomfortable shoes and you’ll realize what I mean.  

Tugged between your feet and shoes is a cushioning layer called the insole. It is as important as the shoes itself. Let’s understand how.  

Insole: Defined

Call it an additional material that cushions your feet from the shoe’s hard sole. While everyone uses insoles for comfort, some rely on them to look taller, address foot-related issues, and gain arch support. 

Insoles come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of your foot size, lifestyle, or budget, there is one for you. These inserts are removable and the same one can be used in different shoes. An insole you bought for sports shoes can go well with casual, office, or any other shoe type. 

Footbeds, shoe inserts, shoe insoles, or simply insoles all mean the same.  

Insole: Uses 

Insoles serve different purposes at the same time.  

Insoles cushion your feet from the rugged shoe sole to keep them comfortable during long periods of standing or walking.

Whenever you jog, run, jump, trek, or perform any strenuous activity, insoles absorb shock, reduce joint stress, and prevent injuries.

The arch of your feet needs support to discourage pain and discomfort. These inserts do exactly that. 

Want to add a few inches to your height? Height increase insole can help.

Depending on the material, these inserts absorb moisture for all-day comfort.  

Some insoles even help correct faulty foot alignment, achieve better posture, and prevent strain on the ankles, knees, and back.

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, bunions, and heel spurs, the right insoles can provide targeted support to manage pain. 

Insole Materials 

When it comes to insole materials, there’s a huge variety to support different needs. 

Material Characteristics Ideal for
Foam (EVA, Memory Foam) Cushioning, lightweight, absorbs impact Everyday comfort, athletic shoes, reducing foot fatigue
Gel Insole    Excellent shock absorption & pressure relief Athletic footwear and high-impact activities 
Leather Durable, breathable & takes the foot shape  Premium insoles & orthopedic support
Polyurethane (PU) Supportive, durable, moisture-wicking Work shoes & casual shoes for all-day comfort 
Cork  Moldable to foot shape, great cushioning & eco-friendly Customized orthopedic support
Gel-infused Memory Foam Superior cushioning and conforms to foot contours Orthopedic support for enhanced comfort in all shoes
Orthotic Materials Customizable support. May include thermoplastics orthopedic use and addressing certain foot conditions
Rubber Shock absorption & resilience Sport-specific insoles, athletic and running shoes
Poron High-performance urethane for excellent cushioning Impact protection, sport-specific footwear
Latex Resilient & supportive Orthopedic insoles, comfortable support for daily use

Insole: Types

Here is your rundown on the popular types of insoles for different uses.

1. Height Increase Insole

The height increase insole is exactly what it means, an insole designed to give your height a few extra inches. They come in two design options, Heel Lifts and Full-Length Insoles. The former is stuffed under the heel to increase your overall height while the latter covers the entire foot to deliver a uniform height increase.

You may come across height-increase insoles for shoes with multiple layers. They allow you to add or remove layers to achieve the desired height. Typically, a height increase insole is made of foam, EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate), silicone, gel, or any other lightweight and stackable material.      

Since these insoles stay inside the shoe, they are less noticeable and work discreetly. People wear height increase insole on special occasions to boost their confidence and look more presentable. On the downside, they occupy extra space in the shoe, leaving your feet cramped. This, in turn, compromises the fit of shoes, balance, and stability. 

Best Height Increase Insole for Shoes

Wordlywiser tested several height increase insoles for their quality, performance, and other factors. Here are the best recommendations. 

1.1. Orwalk Ren-E 29 Height Increase Insoles:

These are full-length, 3-layered shoe inserts that come with an air-cushioned, breathable top, sweat-wicking design, and customized cushioning for lasting comfort. The insoles are suitable for all shoe sizes and types, be it sports or work shoes. Plus, they have the needed traction to prevent slipping and ensure stability. 

  • Cons: Pricey

1.2. FOVERA Height Increasing Gel Insole

We chose this insole for the ease of customization it offers. You get four height levels (3cm, 5cm, 7cm, 9cm) with three adjustable wedges. Made from premium gel material and breathable antibacterial fabric, these unisex insoles provide comfortable microshock absorption and freedom from odor and sweat. Their universal fit and trim-to-fit feature makes them a versatile option.

  • Cons: Can cause a little discomfort

1.3. Curafoot Height Increasing Shoe Insoles

Get up to 3.54 inches taller and say goodbye to back and knee pressure with Curafeet insoles. Compact, durable, and “trim to fit,” these adjustable insoles slide easily into most shoes to deliver the desired support and comfort. With antimicrobial fabric, air-bubble cushioning, and an anti-slip design, they absorb shocks, are lightweight, keep feet dry, and ensure complete foot protection.

  • Cons: A bit bulky

2. Silicone Insoles

As the name says, these insoles are made of silicone gel, which allows for great cushioning, support, and comfort. These inserts absorb shock exceptionally well and conform to the foot shape, making them ideal for athletic shoes. 

You won’t feel the pressure on your feet during impact activities. Even orthopedics recommend silicone insole to patients with heel spurs for pain relief and recovery. They also last long, resist wear and tear, and are easy to upkeep.  

However, silicone gel insole might not suit people with certain foot conditions or medical concerns. So, you are better off consulting your doctor before using it.

Best Silicon Gel Insoles:

Here are your best options, handpicked for their quality.

2.1 Tynor Insoles Full Silicone:

Made from high-quality, medical-grade silicone, the insole is transparent, hypoallergenic, odorless, and easy to clean. However, its USP is its padded pressure relief zones that reduce shock and weight on feet, knees, and spine. Thanks to an anatomical design, it ensures better weight distribution and body alignment and prevents blisters. The ergonomic construction ensures optimal cushioning and easy fit while soft spots provide focused pain relief.

2.2 Frido Gel Cloud Insoles: 

Frido Gel Cloud Insole offers 10x comfort, alongside superior cushioning and support for walking, running, or standing. The insole prevents heel, foot, and leg pain so that you can stay on your feet longer without feeling fatigued. The Dual Gel Technology absorbs shock impact, providing 10x better cushioning and ultimate 3-zone support for heels, arch, and the ball of the foot. Priced at ₹769, Frido Gel Cloud Insole is also easy on the pocket.

2.3 Vissco Silicone Insole: 

If you are looking for insole silicone for calcaneal spur and ankle strain, this will exceed your expectations. Thanks to a clever and ergonomic design, it reduces stress on the foot, joints, and spine. The silicone stays intact to lessen the impact during walking, while soft blue gel spots provide heel shock absorption. that’s why we rate it as the best silicon foot insole for sports shoes.

3. Carbon Fiber Insole

Again a self-explanatory term, carbon fiber insole is constructed by using carbon fiber material. As the material is lightweight, sturdy, flexible, and durable, these insoles provide great support, stability, and shock absorption. Also, they distribute weight uniformly and take the shape of the foot for a snuggly fit. 

The carbon fiber insole has a thin, lightweight design and works discreetly to give you a few extra inches and absorb shock during high-impact activities. No wonder, they are the first choice for athletes, hikers, and adventurers. Plus, they can last a lifetime of use and abuse, giving you full value for money.

Since carbon fiber is a good conductor of heat, these footbeds can regulate temperature and keep your feet cool. Doctors also recommend them to patients with certain foot conditions or injuries.

Best Carbon Fiber Insole:

3.1 ESTCARBON Carbon Fiber Insole

This carbon fiber insole justifies its hefty price tag of INR 8,885. Crafted from high-quality 3K twill pure carbon fiber in Europe, the footbed ensures relief in turf toe, Morton extension, hallux rigidus, and other issues. Just 1.2 mm thick, it looks thin and flimsy but is highly comfortable and built to last. However, the insert works well with sneakers but not with high heels or dress shoes.

3.2 VKTRY Gold VKS Carbon Fiber Insole

Crafted from aerospace-grade carbon fiber, this insole is for men (US 9-9.5) and women (US 11-11.5) in the weight range of 171-220 lbs. You can personalize the insole based on your age, gender, body weight, and sport for optimal support, stability, shock absorption, performance, and protection. The carbon fiber insole is exceptionally lightweight and comes with a patented curved shape for maximum energy storage and return. Ideal for basketball, badminton, running, and other sports, it boosts speed by +9.3% and reduces foot, toe, and lower leg injuries.

3.3 Black Carbon: Carbon Fiber Insole

Just 1.2mm thick, this carbon fiber insole is made of premium material and a thorough process for durability, rigidity, and corrosion resistance. The product claims to help recover from and prevent recurring chronic injuries like turf toe, Morton’s toe, foot fractures, mid-foot sprains, metatarsal stress fractures, arthritis, hallux rigidus, and more. While we cannot verify the claim, we can vouch for the quality, performance, and protection it delivers. It is easy on the pocket as well.

4. Memory Foam Insole

Developed by NASA in the 1960s, memory foam has a unique ability to take on the object’s shape when pressure is applied and return to its original shape once pressure is removed. When used in insoles, it makes them extremely comfortable and supportive. A memory foam insole for shoes has the knack for distributing pressure uniformly and soaking in shock. If you spend long hours on your feet, these insoles can be the answer for your fatigue, pain, and discomfort.

The memory foam insole comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you wear athletic shoes, casual shoes, or work boots, there is a memory foam insole for you. They are soft yet highly resilient and offer a plush feel. Plus, they are flexible enough to adapt to the feet movement and strong enough to last the distance. On the downside, these insoles retain heat and odor and are costlier and unsuitable for serious athletes. activities, and certain foot types.

Best Memory Foam Insoles:

4.1 Grade COMFORT Memory Foam Insole for Shoes

Made of Grade Memory Foam, these well-crafted insoles snuggly fit into shoes for the right levels of comfort and support during walking, running, or gymming. Use them with running shoes, sneakers, loafers, leather shoes, badminton shoes, or gym shoes, it’s your call. This memory foam insole absorbs and distributes the impact evenly across the entire foot while also supporting your ankle, knee, and lower back. Feel free to try them for relief from heel pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis fatigue, spurs, and corns. Plus, they are affordable.

4.2 SKUDGEAR Orthotic Memory Foam Insole

Looking for a superior yet affordable product? Don’t look any further than this.  The orthotic memory foam insole is feather-soft yet resilient enough to offer dynamic, energizing support and cushioning. Made from high-density memory foam with an Ultra-light design with a Cut-to-Fit feature, it can perform well and last long. Its full arch shell gives you better motion control and side-to-side stability. Available for just INR 345, it is a value-for-money product.

4.3 Sichumaria Memory Foam Shoe Insole

These premium PU insoles are comfortable, soft, and highly elastic, and pack a punch with a 3D popcorn structure for enhanced breathability, softness, and comfort. It includes small protrusions for a 3D massage effect for greater comfort and lesser discomfort and fatigue. The memory foam insole comes with anti-slip and shock absorption features, thanks to a double-layer latex foam. Feel free to cut and reuse them in your walking boots, sneakers, and leather shoes.


As insignificant as they might seem, insoles are integral for comfort, support, and overall foot health. Depending on what you choose, they help recovery from common foot ailments, improve athletic performance, and keep injuries at bay.

So, that was our take on the insole. We tried to cover all aspects to beef up your knowledge and choose wisely. For more such content, stay tuned. Don’t forget to hit the comment section to offer opinions, feedback, and suggestions.

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