Top Microwave Oven Brands in India: Cracking the Code

Cracking the Code: The Best Microwave Brands in India


It’s 7 pm and you arrive home hungry. Now, you have a few choices – reheat leftovers, whip up a full meal, or defrost frozen food. Either way, the top microwave oven brands in India come to your rescue with their speed and efficiency. 

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Top 10 Microwave Oven Brands in India

The right microwave can transform your kitchen and a bad choice can backfire. Let’s simplify your decision-making process with a detailed list of the top microwave oven brands, alongside some handy tips on maintenance, safety, and usage. Our editors even went the extra mile to scour the web for the top offers to give you the best end of the deal. So, sit back, relax, and let us guide you through all things microwave brands in India. But first, the types. 

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Best Microwave Oven Brands in India: Types

Microwave ovens come in all shapes and sizes to support all needs and budgets. Since with knowledge comes easier decisions, here are your top options. 

  • Solo Microwave Ovens: The Basics

Imagine this: you’re hungry and need leftovers warmed up pronto. That’s where solo microwaves swoop in to save the day. You can rely on these basic versions for basic functions – reheating, defrosting, and cooking. Their control panels are straightforward with basic settings like cooking time and power levels. 

  • Grill Microwave Ovens: Adding Some Sizzle

Now, if you’re craving that crispy, golden-brown goodness, a grill microwave is where it’s at. Besides the standard microwave functions, they come with a built-in grill. Think juicy grilled chicken, perfectly toasted sandwiches, and even crispy bacon.  

  • Convection Microwaves: Best of Both Worlds

As the ultimate kitchen multitasker, these microwaves combine the speedy cooking of microwaves with the browning magic of a traditional oven. A nifty built-in fan that circulates hot air gives you evenly baked cookies, succulent roasts, and perfectly golden pizzas. 

  • Combination Microwave Ovens: Jack of All Trades

As versatile as it gets, combination microwaves do it all, quickly and efficiently. Microwave, grill, bake, roast—you name it, they can handle it. Some even come with fancy extras like steam control for next-level cooking. 

  • Over-the-Range Microwave Ovens: Space-Saver

So, you are short on counter space. Say hello to OTR microwaves, designed to sit above your stove, freeing up precious real estate below. And bonus: many come with built-in vents to keep your kitchen smelling fresh. 

  • Built-in Microwave Ovens: Seamless Style

Want your kitchen to look like something out of a home design magazine? Then a built-in microwave is your go-to. They blend right into your cabinetry for a sleek, polished look. Plus, they’re usually installed at eye level or under the counter, making them super easy to use. 

  • Countertop Microwave Ovens: The MVPs

They’re the workhorses of the kitchen, available in all shapes and sizes to fit your space. There’s a countertop microwave for everyone, from compact models for cozy kitchens to jumbo units with all the bells and whistles.

Top 5 Solo Microwave Oven Brands in India

These top 5 solo microwave oven brands are perfect for basic needs.

1. Panasonic 20L Solo Microwave Oven (NN-ST26JMFDG)

Capacity: ‎28 L Type: ‎Solo Weight: 10 kg 500 g Dimensions LxWxH: 44.3 x 34 x 25.8 Cms
Voltage: 230 Volts Wattage: ‎1270 Watts  Material: Iron Warranty: 1 year

Panasonic NN-ST26JMFDG is a 20L solo microwave oven perfect for singles and small families. It efficiently handles all your basic kitchen needs, from cooking to reheating and defrosting. Features like a TouchPad and Digital Display make operations intuitive. The brand ships it with a turntable, rotating ring, and user manual. It’s from Panasonic, one of the top Japanese microwave brands known for quality and customer satisfaction. So, you can’t go wrong with it. 


  • Auto-programmed reheat and defrost modes keep food textured and flavorful. 
  • 800 watts of high power ensures speedy, even cooking and delicious results.
  • 51 preset recipes allow you to try various recipes with just the push of a button. 
  • The Vapor Clean feature keeps your oven odor and stain-free. 
  • The glass turntable takes up minimal space on your countertop.



Value for money  Noisy 
Easy to clean and upkeep  No battery backup for the clock
Simplifies cooking with Auto-cook The timer isn’t as user-friendly 
Ideal for small families and cramped spaces Requires selecting microwave power before each use


MRP: ₹7,490 Best Price: ₹5,990 (-20% on Amazon) 

2. Godrej 25L Solo Microwave Oven GMX 725 SP1 TM

Capacity: ‎25 L Type: ‎Solo Weight: 12 kg 900 g Dimensions LxWxH: 41 x 48.5 x 29.3 Cms
Voltage: 230 Volts Wattage: ‎1250 Watts  Material: Plastic Warranty: 1 year product, 3 years magnetron

Godrej GMX 725 SP1 TM Mirror is your no-fuss solo microwave oven with all the basics covered. The feature-rich microwave oven makes heating food or experimenting with new recipes a breeze. Need to defrost frozen food? No problem – just set the time and let the defrost function take over. Plus, with the Instachef app, you’ve 450 recipes and 32 videos to make the most of your microwave oven. And thanks to its multi-distribution heat system, you can count on consistent and rapid cooking. Plus, it looks stunning with a mirror finish, stylish handle, and mechanical knobs. 


  • The Multi-distribution system ensures evenly and quickly cooked meals every time. No more hot or cold spots.
  • The defrost function thaws frozen meat and other ready-to-eat goodies quickly. 
  • Instachef app, with 450 recipes and 32 videos, takes your cooking game to the next level.
  • The timer function lets you set the perfect cooking time for your recipes.
  • The 5 temperature settings allow you to cook multiple dishes at the right temperature. 



Spacious powder-coated cavity Lacks digital display
Energy efficient, durable, and reliable  Small print for minutes and temperature 
Easy-to-Use Mechanical Knob  Rotary dial complicates timing calibration
3-Year Magnetron Warranty Price could be a consideration 


MRP: ₹8,990 Best Price: ₹6,890 (23% off on Flipkart)

3. Haier 20L Solo Microwave Oven (HIL2001MFPH)

Capacity: ‎20 L Type: ‎Solo Weight: 11 kg 400 g Dimensions LxWxH: 36 x 44 x 26 Cms
Voltage: 230 Volts Wattage: ‎940 Watts  Material: Metal Warranty: 1 year on product & magnetron

Looking for a reliable microwave for your everyday cooking needs? Look no further than the Haier HIL2001MFPH, one of the top Solo Microwave Oven brands in India. Its 20-liter capacity is ideal for small families of up to 3 people while its compact size makes it a great fit for any kitchen, big or small. Say goodbye to wasted energy with its energy-saving standby mode, and enjoy hassle-free operation with its easy-to-use mechanical knobs. Need to defrost something in a hurry? No problem – its quick defrost function has got you covered. Go for it if you can pay 6.5K for a 20L microwave. 


  • A powerful 940-watt magnetron helps whip up meals quickly and uniformly.
  • The integrated standby mode helps save energy when you’re not using the microwave
  • Integrated controls make navigating through cook settings quick and easy.
  • Different power levels ensure your food is cooked just right. 
  • Sleek dials and a four-digit display are easy to use and look high-end.
  • Rubber-tipped legs keep it sturdy and skid-resistant on your countertop.



Quick defrost function  Warranty could be better 
Easy to use and built-to-last  Pricey for a 20L Microwave 
Sturdy painted cold-rolled steel interior  Starter kit not provided
Space-saving ergonomic design 
Energy efficient with 5-star energy rating 


MRP: ₹7,250 Best Price: ₹6,500 (10% off on Flipkart)

4. Faber Instacook 20_S Standalone 20L Microwave Oven

Capacity: ‎20 L Type: ‎Solo Weight: 10 kg 700 g  Dimensions LxWxH: 35.8 x 44 x 25.8 Cms
Voltage: 230 Volts Wattage: ‎700 Watts  Material: Metal Warranty: 2 Year 

InstaCook 20_S by Faber blends style and substance to rank among the best German microwave brands in India. This microwave means business with its 20-liter capacity and 750 Watts of cooking power. It’s got some pretty sweet user-friendly features too. Need to keep track of your cooking time? No problem – a 35-minute timer with a bell lets you know when your food’s ready. The cool-touch handle makes it easy to grip even with wet hands. Plus, cleaning up is a breeze thanks to the easy-clean coating. And the best part? It is backed by reasonable pricing and a 2-year warranty.


  • 6 Auto Cook Menus make cooking hassle-free – no need to mess around with manual settings. 
  • The knob control is easy to use. Adjust time and power level with just a twist. 
  • The easy-to-clean coated interior makes cleaning a piece of cake. 
  • Defrost by Weight: Input the weight of the frozen item for precise defrosting.
  • Defrost by Time: Set a specific duration for defrosting based on your estimate.
  • A 35-minute timer with a bell lets you know when your food’s ready. 



Best-in-class 2-year warranty Pricey 
Elegant, user-friendly & compact Fewer auto-cook menus 
Easy to upkeep  Low power output (700 W) 
Convenient for quick meal preparations
Hefty rebate available 


MRP: ₹8,490 Best Price: ₹5,699 (-33% on Amazon)

5. Whirlpool Magicook Pro 20L Solo Microwave

Capacity: ‎20 L Type: ‎Solo Weight: 12 kg  Dimensions LxWxH: 35 x 45.2 x 26.2 Cms
Voltage: 230 Volts Wattage: ‎700 Watts  Material: Iron Warranty: 1-Year product & 2-year Magnetron

The Whirlpool Magicook Pro 20-litre microwave makes preparing or reheating food quick and effortless. Its feather touch control panel and an easy-to-read LED Display make for a modern look and ease of use. You can whip up mouth-watering dishes easily with the Auto Cook function and five power levels. The spacious turntable makes it a breeze to cook large quantities of food or reheat multiple dishes simultaneously. When buying from Whirlpool’s official website, you get 25% off on the microwave oven and a 1-year comprehensive and 2-year Magnetron warranty.


  • 5 Power Levels allow efficient and effortless cooking and reheating. 
  • Press Type Door Lock saves space and makes your life easier. Just press, and you’re good to go!
  • The Dahi or Yogurt feature allows you to create fresh yogurt with a button.
  • LED Display keeps you updated on cooking time, power level, and more. 
  • The Powder Coated Cavity ensures efficient cooking and easy cleaning.  
  • The Defrost Function can thaw frozen foods in a matter of minutes.
  • The Dough Rising feature allows you to whip up dough for bread and Bhaturas.
  • The Auto Cook Menus makes it easy to whip up exotic dishes at home. 



Highly user-friendly  Not as power-efficient 
Versatile and functional  The starter kit isn’t included
Modern, elegant looks  Low power output (700W)
Easy to clean and durable 


MRP: ₹8,775 Best Price: ₹6,590 (-25% on Official website)

Top 5 Convection Microwave Oven Brands in India

Check out the top 5 convection microwave brands for quality and performance.

1. Samsung 28L Convection Microwave Oven MC28A6035QS/TL

Capacity: ‎28 L Cooking Mode: ‎Convection Weight: 17 kg 900 g Dimensions LxWxH: 46.3 x 51.7 x 31 Cms
Voltage: 230 Volts Wattage: ‎2900 Watts  Burner Type: Ceramic Warranty: 1-year Product; 10-year Cavity

Your hunt for the best convection microwave ovens ends with the Samsung 28L MC28A6035QS/TL. The product has powerful features that simplify, quicken cooking, and elevate your overall experience. It is versatile, reliable, easy to use, power efficient, affordable, and backed by Samsung’s quality assurance. Its 28-liter capacity makes it ideal for a family of up to 6. Its smooth exterior and ceramic cavity are durable, scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and won’t discolor easily.


  • HotBlast™ Technology reduces cooking time drastically by blasting hot air straight onto your food, giving you a crispy outside and juicy inside.
  • Slim Fry™ Technology blends mini grill and air fryer in one, giving you crispy goodness without the greasy mess.
  • Fermentation Function ensures easy curd making, dough proofing, and cooking cake, bread, pizza, and more.
  • The ECO Mode cuts down on standby power when the microwave isn’t in use, keeping your bills in check.
  • The Crusty Plate function bakes and browns without oil, giving you delicious results every time.



Value for money  A user reported faulty build quality
Elegant, easy to clean & durable  A few users complained of lazy service
Ample space for bigger plates 
Big on capacity and energy savings 
Quick, healthier & crispier results
Brand Repute & Quality Assurance


MRP: ₹21,500 Best Price: ₹16,990 (-21% on Amazon)

2. LG 28 L Charcoal Convection Microwave Oven MJEN286UI

Capacity: ‎28 L Type: ‎Convection Weight: 19 kg 400 g Dimensions LxWxH: 48.8 x 51.2 x 31.1 Cms
Voltage: 230 Volts Wattage: ‎1950 Watts Burner: Quartz Warranty: 1-year product; 10-year Charcoal Heater

Be enamored by the looks and performance of the LG 28L Charcoal Convection Microwave Oven MJEN286UI, one of the top microwave brands in India. Expect features like a Charcoal Lighting Heater, 360° Motorised Rotisserie, Stainless Steel Cavity, Completion Beeper, Child Lock, and more for more efficient, convenient, and safe cooking. It may be a bit bulkier and pricier than the Samsung MC28A6035QS/TL but it looks better and is more suited for Indian dishes. The best part? It has a charcoal lighting heater to help you whip up healthy, smoky-flavored recipes.    


  • Healthy Heart™ Auto Cook Recipes, certified by the Heart Care Foundation, care for your heart and tantalize your taste buds.
  • Ghee in 12 Minutes allows you to Whip up hygienic ghee with no lingering smell in just 12 minutes.
  • Diet Fry™ ensures you can indulge in crispy delights with minimal oil usage.
  • Roti Basket provides 28 varieties of exotic rotis, from naans to Lachcha paranthas to tandoori rotis.
  • 360° Motorised Rotisserie makes for hassle-free barbecuing at home with uniform and even roasting.
  • Pasteurized Milk feature keeps it healthy with nutrition-retaining, bacteria-removing milk boiling.
  • Auto Cook Menu lets you cook international and Indian regional recipes with the touch of a button.



Ideal for Indian dishes  A bit pricier 
Cooks evenly & Preserves nutrition   The door can be problematic 
Easy to clean & durable SS cavity  A user reported smoke while using the oven mode
Versatile: Convection, grilling, reheating & more. Starter Kit is missing
Auto cook menu with preset cooking time 


MRP: ₹25,499 Best Price: ₹17,990 (-29% on Amazon)

3. IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven (30FRC2)

Capacity: ‎30 L Cooking Mode: ‎Convection Weight: 19 kg 300 g Dimensions LxWxH: 44 x 53.9 x 30 Cms
Voltage: 230 Volts Wattage: ‎800 Watts Cavity: Stainless Stel Warranty: 1-year product; 3-year Magnetron & Cavity

Make way for IFB 30L 20FRC2, one of the most reliable microwave oven brands in India in the extra-large (30L+) category. You’ve got 6 years of spare parts support, a year of comprehensive coverage, and an extra 3 years specifically for the magnetron and cavity. Talk about peace of mind! Sporting a chic floral pattern on the door and an LED display, it’s a statement piece. With dimensions of 53.9 cm (depth) x 30 cm (width) x 44 cm (height), it’s compact enough to fit into any space. Its responsive touch keypad makes operation a breeze while the metallic body is a snap to clean.


  • 1-year product warranty is backed by 3 Years on Magnetron & Cavity & 6 Years of Spare Parts Support.
  • Overheat Protection turns the microwave off if the temperature exceeds the limit. 
  • Child Lock feature minimizes the risk of child-related microwave accidents.
  • 101 Auto Cook Menus eliminates hassles and provides diverse recipes for all tastes. 
  • The Steam Clean, Disinfect, and Deodorize feature keeps things squeaky clean and smelling fresh.
  • Timer Options and Digital Clock help you keep track of meals.
  • Power Save & Keep Warm Functions help save energy and keep your dishes warm until you’re ready to dig in.



Best-in-class warranty  Touchpad might malfunction
Reliable, Safe & Aesthetic A user reported overheating issues 
Large capacity (30L)
Value for money 
Starter kit included 


MRP: ₹20,990 Best Price: ₹15,490 (-26% on Amazon)

4. Faber 80 L Convection Microwave Oven (FBIO 80L 6F)

Capacity: 80 L Cooking Mode: ‎Convection Weight: 37 kg  Dimensions LxWxH: 59 x 56 x 59 Cms
Voltage: 230 Volts Wattage: ‎2000 Watts Burner: Ceramic Warranty: 1-year product; 2-year Magnetron 

How about an 80-liter capacity for cooking feasts for the family or hosting dinner parties? Say hello to Faber FBIO 80L 6F Convection Microwave Oven, one of the top microwave brands in India. It fits snugly into big kitchens with cut-out dimensions of 565×585~595 mm. And when it comes to controls, you have the best of both worlds – touch as well as push/pull knob control for easy operation. The sleek black glass finish adds a touch of class while 6 cooking functions, an extensive temperature range, 5 shelf positions, and ‘A Class’ Energy Efficiency elevate your overall experience.


  • 80-liter capacity is ideal for large families and hosting dinner parties.
  • The rotisserie function makes the electric motor spin the skewer for speedy, uniform cooking. 
  • The 3-layer black glass door is sturdy, looks great, and locks the heat.
  • The best-in-class A+ energy rating helps restrict your power bills. 
  • 6 cooking functions, from light to grill to conventional heating, help whip up several dishes effortlessly.
  • The dual, touch and push/pull knob control, ensure flexibility and convenience.



Versatile  Pricey 
Heavy-duty, Massive capacity  Warranty could be better 
A Class Energy Efficiency  Suitable for spacious kitchens only
Modern Design and finish  Users report fusing bulbs 


MRP: ₹41,990 Best Price: ₹39,192 (-7% on Amazon)

5. Voltas Beko 28 L Convection Microwave Oven MC28BD

Capacity: 28 L Type: ‎Convection Weight: 13 kg 700 g Dimensions LxWxH: 52×50.1×32.6 Cms
Voltage: 230 Volts Wattage: 1450 Watts Material: Stainless Steel Warranty: 1-year product; 2-year Magnetron 

The Inox-colored, Voltas Beko MC28BD, has all the bells and whistles you need for convenient and speedy cooking for large families like yours. say goodbye to manual defrosting with Active Defrost technology. Your food stays frost-free, saving you time and hassle in the kitchen. Its 5 microwave power levels allow you to adjust the power to suit whatever you’re cooking for perfect results. The digital display makes it easy to see what’s cooking, while AutoCooking takes the guesswork out of meal preparations. The large turntable is perfect for cooking up big batches of food simultaneously.


  • Versatile: Baking, grilling, defrosting, cooking – you name it!
  • The jog dials and push buttons ensure easy and long-lasting operation.
  • A roller ring and a griller are shipped along with a power cable, a glass tray, and a user manual. 
  • The AutoCooking feature lets you whip up your favorite recipes effortlessly. 
  • The Active Defrosting technology eliminates the hassle of manual defrosting.
  • The massive turntable accommodates several dishes to save time and effort.
  • The Child Lock feature prevents child-related microwave accidents.  



Value for money Buttons could be friendlier
Superior build quality Short power cord
Stunning Inox color The clock lacks an in-built battery
Safety features 
Easy to operate & clean


MRP: ₹19,990 Best Price: ₹14,890 (on official website)

Top Microwave Oven Brands in India: Overview

Brand & Model

Best Price

Key Features

Panasonic NN-ST26JMFDG   ₹5,990 20L solo microwave oven, TouchPad, Digital Display, Auto-programmed reheat, and defrost modes
Godrej  GMX 725 SP1 TM Mirror ₹6,890 25L solo microwave oven, Instachef app with 450 recipes and 32 videos, Multi-distribution system
Haier HIL2001MFPH ₹6,500 20L solo microwave oven, Energy-saving standby mode, Quick defrost function
Faber Instacook 20_S  ₹5,699 20L solo microwave oven, 6 Auto Cook Menus, Defrost by Weight and Time
Whirlpool Magicook Pro ₹6,590  20L solo microwave oven, 5 Power Levels, Press Type Door Lock, Defrost Function
Samsung MC28A6035QS/TL  ₹16,990 28L convection microwave oven, HotBlast™ Technology, Slim Fry™ Technology
LG MJEN286UI ₹17,990  28L convection microwave oven, Charcoal Lighting Heater, 360° Motorised Rotisserie
IFB 30FRC2 ₹15,490 30L convection microwave oven, Overheat Protection, Child Lock
Faber FBIO 80L 6F ₹39,192 80L convection microwave oven, Rotisserie function, A Class Energy Efficiency
Voltas Beko MC28BD ₹14,890 28L convection microwave oven, Active Defrosting technology, AutoCooking feature

How to Choose the Best Microwave for your Unique needs?

Picking out the perfect microwave isn’t as tricky as it sounds! Let’s break it down into easy steps:

Size does matter:

Consider your kitchen space because something too big or small will be a misfit. 

  • Small microwaves (15 to 20 liters) are great for quick reheating and cooking for a couple of people.
  • Medium-sized microwaves (21 to 25 liters) work well for families of 2-4 and can handle grilling and reheating.
  • Larger ones (25 liters & above) are perfect for bigger families and more cooking options.

Type of Microwave:

Know your microwave types for need-based buying. 

  • Solo Microwave: Simple reheating and cooking.
  • Grill Microwave: Adds grilling to the mix, great for meats and veggies.
  • Convection Microwave: The all-in-one champ for baking, grilling, and more.


Higher watts mean faster cooking. Consider how fast you want your meals ready.


Look for the features that fit your cooking style:

  • Sensor Cooking: It’s like having a cooking assistant!
  • Preset Programs: Makes cooking specific dishes a breeze.
  • Turntable: Keeps things cooking evenly.
  • Child Lock: Safety first!
  • Defrost Function: No more waiting hours for frozen foods to thaw.
  • Timer and Clock: Because who doesn’t need convenience?

Budget and Brand:

Set your spending limit and check out reliable microwave oven brands in India. Shop around to find the best mix of prices, features, and warranty.

Microwave Brands in India: Takeaways

You’ve plenty of great choices regarding microwave oven brands in India. If you’re on a budget but still want quality, check out the Panasonic 20L Solo Microwave Oven or the Faber Instacook 20_S. They offer solid performance without breaking the bank. For those who want more bells and whistles, Samsung’s 28L Convection Microwave Oven or LG’s 28 L Charcoal Convection Microwave Oven are the way to go. Looking for reliable options that won’t cost a fortune? Then, Godrej 25L Solo Microwave Oven, Haier 20L Solo Microwave Oven, or Whirlpool Magicook Pro 20L Solo Microwave are solid choices for everyday use. Bottom line? It all depends on what you need and what you’re willing to spend. Take your time to compare features and prices, and you’ll find the perfect microwave oven for your kitchen in no time.

Happy cooking!

Microwave Brands in India: FAQs:

What are the different sizes of microwave ovens?

Size   Capacity Range Suitable For Features
Small 15 to 20 liters Singles or small families of 2 to 3  Simple cooking, reheating, defrosting, low wattage ideal for apartments, RVs, or campers
Medium  21 to 25 liters Slightly bigger crews of 2 to 4 Cooking, defrosting, heating, baking
Large 26 to 30 liters Family squad of 4 to 6 Cooking, reheating, defrosting
Extra Large 31 liters and above  Families of 6 and above Cooking, defrosting, baking, and a lot more

How do I keep my microwave oven clean?

Cleaning your microwave is essential for maintaining its efficiency and hygiene. Here are some effective tips to keep your microwave sparkling clean: 

  1. Steaming Solution Method:
  • Fill a microwave-safe bowl with 1 cup of water.
  • Add citrus slices or vinegar.
  • Microwave for 5 minutes on high.
  1. Scrubbing Inside:
  • Remove the turntable and wash it with soapy water.
  • Wipe walls with a hot, damp cloth.
  • Scrub stubborn stains with a steaming solution.
  1. Extra Tips:
  • Wipe spills immediately.
  • Cover food to prevent splatters.
  • Leave the door open after cooking smelly foods.
  • Cook in shorter bursts and stir if food tends to explode.

How do I operate my microwave safely?

Here are some simple tips to keep you safe while using your microwave.  

  1. Get to know your microwave by reading the manual. It’s the user’s guide to all your microwave can do.
  2. Check the door seal regularly to ensure it’s keeping the microwaves inside where they belong.
  3. Stick to microwave-safe containers made of glass, ceramic, or special plastics. 
  4. Leave metal out of the microwave to avoid sparks and other microwave drama.
  5. Give your food a stir and a spin halfway through cooking to keep things cooking evenly.
  6. Protect your hands with oven mitts when taking hot dishes out of the microwave. Safety first!
  7. Poke holes in foods with skins, like potatoes, to prevent them from microwave explosions.
  8. Watch out for superheated liquids by using microwave-safe containers and stir before heating.

Why does my microwave make a sparking or arcing sound?

Sparking or arcing may happen if metal items, like aluminum foil or utensils, are mistakenly placed inside the microwave. Remove the metal object promptly and refrain from using it again to avoid harming the appliance.

How do I defrost food in the microwave?

Typically, microwaves come with a defrost feature where you can enter the food’s weight, and it figures out how long to defrost automatically. Alternatively, you can defrost using the microwave’s low power setting, doing it in short bursts and flipping the food occasionally.

How do I know if a dish is microwave-safe?

Look for symbols or labels on the dish indicating it is microwave-safe. A dish made of glass, ceramic, or plastic designed for microwave use is likely safe.

Can I use my microwave to sterilize kitchen sponges?

Yes, you can sterilize kitchen sponges by wetting them thoroughly and microwaving them on high for 1-2 minutes. However, ensure the sponge has no metal components that can cause sparking.

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